Animals have life missions, too.

A friend of mine asked me to communicate with her cat, who’s been missing for a couple of weeks.  When I finally got a minute of peace in which to connect telepathically with her cat, I observed etiquette by asking politely whether I could ask a few questions.  I got an immediate and clear, “I’m busy,” and a picture of him intently watching a mouse who was nosing around in the leaf clutter nearby.

I asked him if he’d please just make a few minutes for me.  I told him that his person was  concerned for his safety, and I promised to ask only a few quick questions, to set his owner’s mind at ease.  He gave me about half of his attention while he watched the mouse.  I already had the impression that he was close to home, safe and doing well, so I asked him why he wasn’t coming home.  He told me that he was doing important work with the feral cats in the area, showing them that they could trust humans enough to allow themselves to be caught so they could be neutered and vaccinated.  I had the impression that he was working mainly with the male cats, not the females.  He was showing them that they wouldn’t be forced into being domesticated if they allowed themselves to be caught.

At that point, the mouse scurried off, and the cat relaxed and stretched out and gave me his full attention.  He showed me that he had several food buffets to choose from in the neighborhood.  He sent me his feeling of satisfaction at fulfilling his mission.  He knew he was helping, and he liked the fact that the feral cats in the area respected him and listened to what he had to say.  He asked me to convey to his person that he was absolutely fine and would come home when he felt he’d done what he could to help the feral cats, but for now it was important that she refrain from standing in the yard and calling him, because that sent the wrong message to the cats he was trying to help.

In other words, Mom, I’m fine.  Stop calling me because it makes me look uncool in front of my friends!

(When I sent this to the cat’s person, she told me that one of the local animal rescue organizations had a free feral neutering program for their zipcode for the rest of the year, and she was trying to catch some of the feral cats nearby to have them neutered and vaccinated.)