Still just a student of life

At the half-century mark of life, I am comfortable saying that I am still a beginner.  I’m a student, still, of everything I’ve been practicing since the dawn of time.  I’m still learning how to write, how to make art, how to best help and heal my tiny little corner of the world.

I’ve had a close connection to animals and to nature my whole life.  I grew up spending whole days wandering through the woods, building faerie houses, making up magic potions, talking to animals, bringing home strays.  It makes me chuckle at myself to realize that at 50, I’m still a beginner at everything I’ve ever done.

I’m still learning how to stay “connected” more of the time; how to look in a way that helps me see what’s really there, and listen in a way that helps me hear the truth.  I know we are all born with this ability, but the way we live our lives tends to deaden our subtle senses.  Our brains filter the information we receive in order to prevent sensory overload, and because we have so much clutter circling around our minds most of the time, the subtle senses are the first to be tuned out.

I still have to make an effort to communicate with an animal. Getting quiet-enough in my mind and open-enough in my heart is something I have to consciously cultivate. I still have to make an effort to live each day — or even sections of each day — in a way that helps me stay connected.  And there are days in which I blow it completely — go through an entire day with my head down, just slogging along in the sleepwalk state many people live their whole lives in.

I’m still learning.  I hope that one day, I’ll reach the state of 24-7 consciousness of my connection to the matrix of all-that-is.  My sense, though, is that this rarely happens to people who still occupy a physical body.  Of course, that doesn’t excuse a lack of trying.  I’m going to try, because I know that when I’m really connected, I can make a difference.  The extent to which I remain connected is the extent to which I become a conscious co-creator in my life, my art, and my ability to contribute something of value. This blog is my way of sharing the journey of learning to spend more of my time with my feet on the ground.

I invite you to join me, and share your experiences in waking-up to your abilities and remembering your connection to all-that-is.  See you in the Matrix.