Babette de Jongh

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While my husband and I were away from home, just before Labor Day, our goats disappeared. The weather had been bad that week, so I assumed that a tree must have fallen on the fence, enabling the goats’ escape. Hans (my husband) visited the neighbors to see if anyone had […]

The case of the disappearing goats

Black Angel 1
Writing brings me joy, and it is one of my gifts. Animal Communication brings me joy, and it is one of my gifts. Sculpting and painting and making art bring me joy, and they are also my gifts. I feel anxious and unbalanced when I neglect any one of these […]

Finding Balance

I channeled my inner Black Swan, the powerful seductress archetype I used to give myself confidence and courage when I had none. My mouth dropped open as I came in for the kiss, and I watched his gaze follow the movement. I was going to kiss him until he couldn’t breathe. I was going to kiss him like he’d never been kissed before. The moment our lips touched, all thought ceased and pure sensation took over. The inside of his mouth was hot, wet, sweet. He slicked his tongue along my teeth, then into my mouth, lightly teasing. I tried to keep the upper hand but the seducer had quickly become the seduced.

Publishing that first book, finally!

Me and my tech-savvy husband who always saves the day! This was taken in Sedona a few years ago.
Writing fiction is a lot like watching a movie. It’s just as fun, only without the popcorn and soda (I prefer chocolate and wine anyway). Technology–writing’s thumb-sucking sibling that always has to tag along–sucks. Therefore, I agree with everyone who says, you do the writing, and hire someone to do […]

Writing is fun. Technology… not.