2017 New England Readers' Choice Award Winner

Marketing and Technology–just like math. Here’s the post I should’ve sent.

The post I should’ve sent plus some ranting about marketing, technology, and math:

Angel Falls won the 2017 New England Readers’ Choice Award! It scored 99/100! It’s also getting great reader reviews!

(And, because marketing and technology are just like math, and because my brain is ripe as a melon on the right and withered like a walnut on the left, it took me three hours for me to figure out how to transfer the picture from my i-Phone’s Instagram post to my desktop computer, causing me to inadvertently disable my desktop’s keyboard and call in my tech-savvy husband to save me from myself even though he was doing REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF outside.)

Now… carrying on with the rest of the message I should have sent:

Here’s the link to Amazon: http://bit.ly/AngelFallsRomance if you want to buy a copy of Angel Falls.

If you’ve already read and loved Angel Falls and would like to leave a review on Amazon http://bit.ly/AngelFallsRomance and Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32323245-angel-falls that would be great, because getting a whole bunch of great reviews helps in ways I don’t completely understand (but I know it has to do with MATH). So honestly, I don’t want to understand unless I just have to.

In Other Exciting News:

I’m writing daily to finish the next book in the series, and having loads of fun torturing the poor heroine. Mia Hayden is caring for her grandmother, who has just suffered a stroke and is back home with a way-more cranky and uppity attitude than Mia remembers from childhood. The prim, proper southern lady now curses like a sailor and says whatever crosses her mind. She’s hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Mia is also caring for her infant niece, dumped off by her drama-queen little sister, Jolie.

Imagine dropping out of your own life to care for an elderly stroke victim and an infant!

That’s bad enough, but then Jolie shows up with her irritating boyfriend, Mark–AKA baby daddy. Mia’s about ready to jump off the roof of her grandma’s two-story tumbledown Antebellum house in downtown Angel Falls. (And I’ve only begun to heap on the conflict.) The hero, Jack McKenzie, is an Angel Falls police officer who keeps showing up when Grandma and Jolie and Mark can’t stop themselves from getting into trouble.

Jack is cute and all, but Mia’s past predisposes her to harbor a deep distrust of law enforcement types. Also, when Mia and Jack start getting closer, they learn that his dog and her cat mix about as well as donkeys and elephants. And speaking of Democrats and Republicans, when it comes to politics, Mia has already leapt off the cliff into the Pacific, while Jack’s deep roots in the southern soil won’t budge any farther than the Mississippi River.

Can Mia and Jack find a way to overcome their differences? Maybe … if they can somehow find a way to reach across the divide, hold hands, and pull themselves close-enough to kiss.

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