Lupe the Ninja-Goat

May 22, 2012 Farm Report – Lupe, the Ninja-Goat. 4

Lupe the Ninja-Goat

Lupe, the world’s finest goat, has just been awarded the Ninja-Goat-of-the Year award, for trampling what must have been a huge Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake in the back yard.  Sorry for the snake, but Lupe was keeping the world safe for Gregory, her young offspring, and for the rest of the family as well, because the snake was found in a mangled heap only about fifty feet from the back door of the house.

Forensics are sketchy; I didn’t find the snake until it was in an advanced state of decomposition.  Here’s what I know:  The pile of snakeskin and maggot-filled guts were in a pile about the size of a big cat, with the rattles sticking up on one end.  The rattles had nine links (or buttons or whatever you call them).  I couldn’t find the snake’s head, but the strips of skin I found showed that the white belly was about four inches across at the widest point.

According to the NatGeoWild website, “the eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the largest venomous snake in North America. Some reach 8 feet in length and weigh up to 10 pounds”.  My brother-in-law, who knows about these things, says the number of segments in the rattle and the width of the belly indicate that the snake was likely to have been this large.  Actually what he said, was “Wow.”  Then he elaborated. He said that the last rattlesnake he saw in person had four segments on its rattle, and was six feet long.

This snake was an old dude, probably maxed out in length and only getting wider and heavier.  I’m sorry he had to die, because even rattlesnakes have their important role to fulfill in the ecosystem.  But I’m glad I didn’t step on him one night when I was hauling out the trash or rushing out to turn off a sprinkler I’d left on or doing any one of the million other things that often cause me to walk outside in my flip-flops (or barefoot; eeek!) after dark.  And I’m glad none of the dogs or cats met up with him in an awkward way. Even though our dogs get a yearly rattlesnake vaccination, it doesn’t work for the Eastern Diamondback variety, which is most prevalent around here.

So Godspeed to the snake, the symbol of transformation, on to his own transformation from physical matter to pure potential energy.  And here’s to Lupe, the most awesome Ninja-Goat ever.


4 thoughts on “May 22, 2012 Farm Report – Lupe, the Ninja-Goat.

  • Andy McClure

    Hooray for Lupe! No snakes up here in AK, and that’s okay by me. Our daughter is part dragon, and the dragon motif runs through our house from one end to the other. I’m okay with dragons. They are symbols of the unity of the elements, fabled in both Western and Eastern culture, and have been friend to humans as often as not. I’m not sure I can say as many nice things about snakes.

    That said, I’ve never had a seriously harmful encounter with a snake, except for what they’ve done to my heart rate during my (blessedly few) close encounters. Has Hans told you about our Biology teacher in Kinshasa? He stepped out of his front door for his leisurely morning stroll though the jungle to the classroom area, only to stumble as he left his front stoop. Lucky thing, too, as a spitting Cobra chose that moment to launch its venom at his face. All he got was a nasty glob of poisonous goo on his face, instead of blindness or worse.

    My own closest encounter was at a small swimming hole near Kinshasa. A group of kids were all sitting on a small sandy beach between the bush and the river, when a very long, very black, and very, very serious looking snake slid out of the high grass about six feet from us. We all froze as if the temperature had suddenly gone waaaay below zero. And the snake kept on going… across the beach, across the river as if it were a solid surface, and up into the bush on the other side. I don’t think I was breathing correctly for a while after that.

    Three cheers for Lupe! My guess is she didn’t hesitate to do something that would have put me in a rest home for a few months – dancing on a snake the size of a junior Goodyear blimp. A heroine worthy of extra feed, and the highest praise!

    • admin Post author

      Andy, I think y’all were pretty brave (or maybe just overheated?) to swim in a swimming hole in Africa. Some of the snakes in Africa make Rattlesnakes look wimpy by comparison, and this snake was pretty impressive. I can only imagine…. and I don’t want to do too much of that.

      I’m about to take the dogs for their morning walk through the woods, and it’s a comfort to know that most snakes just want to get out of the way when they hear you coming. The grass on the path is a little too high for my comfort, but as a friend of mine says, “it’s gotta be did.”

    • admin Post author

      Hi! Thanks for the compliment. I hope you’ll keep checking back, because crazier stuff than Lupe and the snake happens here all the time! I have NO IDEA where or what an rss is! I’m still taking baby steps when it comes to website design and maintenance. I will put my VERY SMART HUSBAND onto it, and maybe he’ll figure out what and where the rss is! Soon as we figure it out, I’ll let you know!

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