Hear Them Speak - Learn telepathic animal communication

You can learn, and I can teach you!


I've just finished writing Hear Them Speak, a book on how to communicate telepathically with animals. It's now in the design stage of getting formatting, cover art, and a launch plan in place. Also in the plans: a workbook to supplement the book, an online course, and online mentoring for people who are working through the book. The animals at Dragonfly Pond Farm and I also teach workshops here from time to time. Check out my calendar for more information on when things are happening!

Learn Animal Communication at Dragonfly Pond Farm


Come to Dragonfly Pond Farm for a day of learning and fun! As someone who carries a fair amount of anxiety over the unknown (What if I can't find my way there? What if I get there but I'm not sure it's the right place? What if I get there and it is the right place but it's sketchy or strange or nothing like I expected?), I believe that seeing a lot of pictures of a place helps me to feel more comfortable with making a decision of whether or not that place resonates as a right place for me to go. 

Click the link below to find out more about Dragonfly Pond Farm and upcoming classes.

What's happening at Dragonfly Pond Farm?

Try it for yourself!


Hear Them Speak, my how-to book about telepathic animal communication is due out in May, and you can pre-order it now from DogsandBooks.com

I'm also teaching a class on May 25th at Stone Soup Intuitive Spiritual Center in Fort Walton Beach. (Call 850-533-6565 to register.) And there are upcoming classes scheduled at the farm, too. (Click on What's Happening at Dragonfly Pond Farm to learn more.) But whether or not you decide to come to a class, you can go ahead and start practicing!

Download the PDF: learning to speak their language