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Don't get sick!


If I ever wake up with a sore throat or that icky Oh-no-I'm coming-down-with-something feeling, I load up on Lipospheric Vitamin C and often that helps me to avoid getting sick at all. I also take it religiously whenever I'm traveling and exposed to more germs than usual. It's expensive (around $1 a dose) but worth every penny.

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Sleep better!


My wonderful husband sometimes snores. Sorry to have to say that about him, but there it is. I tried ear plugs, pretty much every kind that exists. They're uncomfortable and don't work that well. I dosed myself up with OTC sleep aids, which worked but made me drowsy the next day. Then I found Cozy Phones headphones, which I plug into my phone so I can fall asleep to meditation music. 

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Meditate more!


 The Secret Universal Mind Meditation is my favorite guided meditation music. It's designed to listen to while you're falling asleep, so it works great with the Cozy Phones headphones. Warning: Don't put one recording on auto-repeat, because listening to the same tones all night long, over time, can make your ears ring. (Which I found out after listening to this soundtrack all night long every night for weeks on end.) 

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Lipospheric Vitamin C

Cozy Phones headphones

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation