People I Recommend

I might not be the perfect animal communicator for you, or you may need help I'm not able to provide. When I'm busy as a rat, I'm not always able to get back to people in a timely manner.

Even when I can't help, I'd like to help out by recommending people I know and trust, so you'll plenty of trusted people to turn to, no matter what.

The animal communicators I've recommended were trained by me, and I would trust any of them to help with my own animals.

The people I recommend as human helpers are friends and colleagues who have supported and guided me on my spiritual path, and I know they can help you on yours.

We all need to build a tribe of friends and helpers we can depend on.

This is my tribe.

Animal Communicators

Christine Althaea Abbey

Christine Althaea Abbey, MH is a Holistic Animal Therapist & Animal  Communicator  and offers holistic therapies to animal clients.



Lee Corso

Lee is an animal communicator and Reiki Master who specializes in animal healing. Click below to connect with her on Facebook.


Emily Low

Emily's animal communication sessions incorporate her knowledge of crystal healing and essential oils to help clients achieve balance.


Help for Humans

Juicy Sacred Living

Licia and Peter Berry are speakers, mentors, artists, and teachers. Experts in Higher Being, Greater Love, and Deeper Partnership, married 30+ years.  Devoted to Juicy Sacred Living™, they lead retreats  and experiences to support your journey into partnership with the Divine.