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Please copy and paste the questionnaire below into an email addressed to me at:

  • Fill out the questionnaire completely, pasting-in as many Please tell me about your animal sections as needed, one for each animal.
  • Paste photos of your animals into the questionnaire, or attach to the email with each animal identified by name. Make sure the photos are clear, in-focus, and candid (not forced) with the animal’s eyes looking at camera. (Please refer to the instructions below for advice on how to take good photos for the purpose of animal communication.)
  • Email the completed questionnaire and photos to me. 
  • When I receive your email, I will reply and send a PayPal invoice. Once I receive your payment, we’ll get started. I am usually able to complete a family communication within a week.

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List any concerns (behavioral, physical, etc.) for your multi-species  family that have prompted you to enlist my help. Please be specific.

What are your goals for this session? What would you like to achieve?

Please tell me about your animal. (Copy/Paste as many of this section as you need, one for each animal.)

Your animal’s name:

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Your animal’s sex:

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Your animal’s approximate age:

How long has this animal been a family member?

Your animal’s history, as much as you know:

Is there any other pertinent information you’d like to tell me about this animal or the situation?

Please list five specific questions for this animal.

What are your goals for this animal, specifically

How to fill out the questionnaire

Please refer to the instructions below for filling out the questionnaire and taking photos of your animal(s) for the purposes of animal communication: 

Please be as specific as possible, and include any background information you are aware of. If you are interested in testing my abilities by giving me vague questions or incomplete information, that is your prerogative. The price is exactly the same as when your goal is to get the help you need. 

Example of how to write about your concerns/questions/goals to obtain the most helpful feedback: "My dog, Rex, is aggressive to our other two dogs, especially during feeding time, but also as the dogs are going through any doorway or narrow space. We especially have problems in the morning when the dogs are moving from the bedroom hallway (they all sleep in our bedroom) to the living area.His aggression seemed to have started a year ago, when we moved from our old house into a condo, but it has escalated since our oldest dog, Tony, died six months ago. My questions for Rex are: 

1. Why did you become more aggressive when we moved to the condo?

2.Why are you meaner to our small dog, Jenny, than you are to the big dog, Rose?

3. What can the human family members (me, my husband Jerry, and our daughter, Jane, age 5) do to help you?

4. Why do you lunge at some dogs we meet on our daily walks, but not others?

5. What is your relationship to our other two dogs--Jenny and Rose?

How to take a great photo

A good photo is: Recent. Clear. Candid. Eyes looking at the camera. 

A good photo is not: Ancient. Fuzzy. Posed or forced. Eyes obscured by the flash or looking away.

DO NOT USE A FLASH. A flash obscures part of the eye, if not all of it, and looking into the animal's eyes (windows of the soul) are the best/easiest/fastest way to obtain a deep connection. A PHOTO TAKEN IN NATURAL DAYLIGHT WORKS BEST. 

If you send old, blurry, fuzzy photos, or photos made in dim light and/or with a flash, you may have to retake/resend your photos and your session will be delayed. 

Please take several photos and choose the best one (or two, at most) to send to me. I know your animal is the cutest ever, but please don't make me download and sift through dozens of photos to find the best one. I love you, and your critters, but picking out the best image is your job, not mine.

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