What a wonderful read about animals and the ability some people have to communicate with them. Throw in some romance and we have the perfect read. I just loved this story and I loved reading about the different animals and what they were thinking, especially Georgia and Wolf. No spoilers so grab your copy and see what happens.

The Perfect Read

Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay is a charming, heartwarming story. An important character in this story turned out to be an abandoned dog who is probably half wolf. Wolf’s communication with Abby’s Aunt Reva and then Abby and Quinn was so interesting. The thought that Wolf felt he had to earn his way into their home and hearts was fascinating to me. I am looking forward to more Magnolia Bay stories.

A Charming, Heartwarming Story

This book was a delightful surprise! I loved the slow burn romance between Abby and Quinn, but what really got me was the animals! In specific, the dogs. Babette de Jongh is a telepathic animal communicator and included this skill in Abby’s aunt and Abby! I loved the way she portrayed the commutation between the dogs and humans and between the dogs. This was a really fun and interesting element of the book. This is something you need to read to see and was a great “neighbors-to-lovers” romance.

A Delightful Surprise