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How does energy healing work?

Like animal communication, energy healing isn't bound by time or space. With the knowledge and permission of the intended recipient, I can send energy healing remotely to any animal, human, or situation. I've been initiated as a Reiki Master, certified as a Body Talk Practitioner, and trained in Matrix Energetics. And, over the years, through consistent practice and the study of other healing modalities, some of my own healing methods have emerged.

Here's my best layman's explanation of how energy healing works: Everything we can see, touch, or experience with our senses is comprised of atoms and sub-atomic particles, vibrating packets of energy that are continuously winking in and out of existence. Even the "empty" spaces between us and around us are made up of that same energy. What we perceive as our physical boundaries (where your body stops and someone else's begins) aren't as firm and definite as we experience them to be. In fact, everyone and everything in the universe is connected by everyone and everything else. We're all semi-permeable bits of individual consciousness floating in the same cosmic soup and connected by a collective consciousness that we all (animals and humans alike) share.

Energy healing, telepathy, and psychic abilities allow us to tap into this vast field of possibility and connection. Healing can occur in an instant, simply by accessing and manipulating reality during those in-between moments when we're suspended between what we perceive as reality, and the energy field of limitless potential that hasn't yet collapsed into an observable physical form.


I use a combination of energy healing modalities. Body Talk, Reiki, and Matrix Energetic are the three main modalities that I use.

That depends.

When I start doing sessions really close together, the sessions themselves tend to get shorter, and they tend to zero in on one thing at a time, prioritizing in a more targeted way.

When I do the sessions every 5 days - weekly, the sessions tend to be longer (not always) and while the sessions have a "theme," they aren't as zoned-in on one particular item.

When we stretch the sessions out even longer, like every two weeks or once a month, the sessions become broader in scope, and the "links" are often very general in nature, with more of a "maintenance" focus than a "moving forward" or "digging deep" focus.

The bottom line, though, is that no matter what schedule we set, we can always adjust the schedule as events unfold.

It might be helpful to see a sample session, so I’ll use muscle testing to send a little targeted energy healing for myself, and type it up as I go, just as I do for all my clients. Your energy healing transcript may look something like mine:

  1. Agenda: Complete today’s tasks with ease and joy, then take time to relax and let it all go.
  2. Permissions of spirit to allow imperfection L consciousness of individuation > synthesis.
  3. Permissions of mind to let go of distractions L other modalities > Matrix Energetics > frequency 21 (harmonize inner/outer spaces).
  4. Five elements L five senses L consciousness of individuation > synthesis.
  5. All sections L all sections.
  6. Session concluded.… etc.: Each numbered item is one equation in the energy healing session. The equations are constructed by using a combination of intuition and muscle-testing to help me navigate a big chart of anything mental/emotional/physical/spiritual or situational that could benefit from enhanced communication with other parts of the body-mind complex. Rather than asking, “what’s wrong,” we ask “what’s next” so we can find the highest-priority links that will be most efficient in helping the client achieve balance and healing.

Agenda: This is the theme or goal of the session. Sometimes there aren’t stated agendas. Sometimes, there will be more than one agenda in a session.

Permissions: When permissions comes up, it’s to remove a block we have to letting go of something unhealthy that we’re holding onto. Often, we block ourselves from accessing our full abilities or releasing the baggage that weighs us down. Our dis-ease becomes a part of our personality, something we begin to identify with, and thus hang onto. Have you ever heard someone speak of an illness as something they possess, something that’s a part of them? (my diabetes,  my anxiety…?) When our problems become a part of who we are, we may have to give ourselves permission to let go of them. Or, we may hold onto baggage because on some level, we feel safer with it than without it. For example, permission to release fear. Why would we need to give ourselves permission for that? Because we think, on some level, that being afraid keeps us safe (and that is the purpose of fear, after all).

L: L means linked-to. Body Talk is the main modality I use as a “frame” to hang everything else on. Every cell in the body “talks” to every other cell, and when miscommunication occurs, that results in disharmony within the body-mind-spirit complex. Body Talk seeks to identify critical parts of the whole organism that aren’t working well together. Then, once recognized, that line of communication can be repaired or restored.

>: This little > mark points to further details about whatever came before.

All sections: The Body Talk healing chart that I navigate via muscle-testing is huge in terms of the number and range of items it includes. So when all sections comes up, it just means we're linking everything in the chart to everything else in the chart and adjusting / cleaning up those relationships so they work better together.

Frequencies are all around--and in--us all the time, and we are more affected by them than we realize. We work to make sure that the frequencies around and in us are both healthy and helpful.

Overnight miracles do happen; I’ve seen my share. But more often, the miracle happens after several sessions, or the problem just gets better bit by bit in a gentle upward trajectory.

I tell my clients to expect nothing (in particular) but notice everything. In general, most folks will feel a subtle feeling of lightness or relief that gets better over time and with subsequent sessions. But everyone is different. I've had people report all sorts of things, from increased dream activity, to a change in energy levels (needing to sleep, or having more energy), to differences in mood (finally allowing themselves to feel their anger, or to cry if they need to, or feeling happy for no reason), to changes in body chemistry (sweat or pee smells different), to serendipitous occurrences (you think of something you want or need and it miraculously appears). Some people don’t notice anything at all, but over time, they realize that the problems that had prompted them to seek healing are gone.

It’s often easier to notice changes when you’re not the one getting healing, but are in a position to observe someone who is. People whose animals are getting energy healing are often able to tell by their animal’s demeanor that they are at that moment receiving a remote healing session. I always send a time-stamped email transcript, and many times, I’ve received an immediate response of “I knew it!” It can be the same with people; I’ve had clients tell me that they knew exactly when I was doing their session. But “feeling it” doesn’t really mean anything. Sessions you don’t feel are just as effective.

I like to do four sessions at a time, because energy healing builds upon itself. I have noticed that four sessions seems to be a good number to feel / see a noticeable difference.  After that, the problem/situation will usually continue to improve over time even after the sessions are done because we have shifted a trajectory. We can do another four sessions later, but I like to give it a rest for a couple weeks at least, to give you time to notice how the improved trajectory is playing out.

When you purchase a set of four sessions, you and I will keep in touch via email after each session to determine when to do the next session. We want to keep a gentle pressure on forward motion as healing unfolds. So, it's your job to “hide and watch” what happens, and report back. When? That's up to you. Some people like to send daily reports; others wait for me to nudge them when I think it might be about time for the next session. Bottom line: the more involved you are in your healing process, the more powerful it will be.

I can’t promise a cure, or, in fact, any particular outcome from energy healing. I am not a medical doctor or veterinarian, and I do not practice medicine of any sort. I don't claim to diagnose, heal, cure, prevent, or treat disease. Energy healing is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. I recommend that people continue to see their medical doctors and follow their advice, and animals continue to receive appropriate veterinary care. Energy healing is a complement to conventional medicine, and I encourage my clients to continue to consult their licensed physicians or health care professionals for advice and treatment. Qigong theory believes that when the body’s energy field is in balance, the body’s latent healing ability can heal itself. Energy healing seeks to balance all aspects of the body-mind-spirit complex in order to facilitate this process. Though I have personally witnessed many amazing results from energy healing, I can make no promises or guarantees that everyone will benefit from this work in a way that they will recognize.

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