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How does energy healing work?

Like animal communication, energy healing isn't bound by time or space. With the knowledge and permission of the intended recipient, I can send energy healing remotely to any animal, human, or situation. I've been initiated as a Reiki Master, certified as a Body Talk Practitioner, and trained in Matrix Energetics. And, over the years, through consistent practice and the study of other healing modalities, some of my own healing methods have emerged.

Here's my best layman's explanation of how energy healing works: Everything we can see, touch, or experience with our senses is comprised of atoms and sub-atomic particles, vibrating packets of energy that are continuously winking in and out of existence. Even the "empty" spaces between us and around us are made up of that same energy. What we perceive as our physical boundaries (where your body stops and someone else's begins) aren't as firm and definite as we experience them to be. In fact, everyone and everything in the universe is connected by everyone and everything else. We're all semi-permeable bits of individual consciousness floating in the same cosmic soup and connected by a collective consciousness that we all (animals and humans alike) share.

Energy healing, telepathy, and psychic abilities allow us to tap into this vast field of possibility and connection. Healing can occur in an instant, simply by accessing and manipulating reality during those in-between moments when we're suspended between what we perceive as reality, and the energy field of limitless potential that hasn't yet collapsed into an observable physical form.

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