Welcome to Magnolia Bay

The Welcome to Magnolia Bay series is the love child of my two passions: animal communication and romance writing. As an animal communicator, I know that our animal companions speak to us in ways we understand on a subliminal level but don’t always recognize intellectually, and I have witnessed first-hand how they work their wiles to nudge us in the right direction.

I hope that the Magnolia Bay love stories will lift people’s hearts the way any romance novel should. But my sinister master plan is that any animal lovers who read these books will recognize the ways in which they are already communicating telepathically with their own animal companions, and maybe decide to study and learn and practice to increase their natural abilities.  How might we change the world if enough people take the time to embrace their ability to communicate with the animals they love?

Book #1: Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay

A Sweet and Uplifting Animal Communication Romance About Two Reluctant People and the Animals that Help Get Them Together

Abby Curtis lands on her Aunt Reva’s doorstep with nowhere to go but up. Abby needs this time of rest and respite to heal her broken heart, and caring for her aunt’s animals at Bayside Barn is exactly what she needs. What she doesn’t need is the distraction of the hunky new neighbor, who isn’t happy to learn that he has moved next door to a glorified petting zoo. But Reva’s dog, Georgia, has other ideas.

Quinn Lockhart plans to renovate and flip the aging estate he has just purchased, but he finds out too late that the neighboring property is a popular—and loud—field trip destination.  He takes steps to remedy the situation, but his attraction to Abby soon makes him regret his hasty decision. He’s stuck in the mess he has made of things until an abandoned wolf dog colludes with Georgia to find a way to bring Abby and Quinn together despite their differences.

Book #2 - Magnolia Bay Memories

A Tender Love Story About Hope, Healing, and Second Chances for Humans and Animals Alike to Find Forever Love.  

Heather Gabriel already had the love of a lifetime. Now a widowed mother struggling with grief, the stay-at-home mom’s biggest priority is keeping her children’s lives as stable as possible. So, when her new job at the Magnolia Bay Animal Shelter brings Heather and business consultant Adrian Crawford together, she resists the attraction building between them.

Adrian feels the attraction too, but ever since he lost everything to Hurricane Katrina, he learned not to form too many attachments. Even so, seeing the love Heather has for her kids and the animals makes Adrian wonder if the bachelor lifestyle is really what he wants.

With the animals on the farm to guide them, Heather and Adrian soon realize they can only have a future together if they are willing to heal from the past.

Book #2.5 - Wedding Bells in Magnolia Bay (Novella)

What happens when a dog-loving wedding planner must enlist the aid of a sworn-against-pets groomsman to save their friends' wedding?  

Mike Miller is coming back from a music gig in NOLA when he is embroiled in a pileup on the freeway. He helps an old woman, Edna Fitzgerald, catch a stray dog that’s running loose after the crash. With all the subtlety of a cyclone, Edna commandeers Mike into giving her—and the dog—a ride to a wedding in Magnolia Bay. Edna’s niece, Maggie Wright, is coordinating the wedding, and Mike is drawn to the pretty girl with auburn curls. Edna’s the cyclone, but Maggie is the undertow, and Mike doesn’t mind drowning in her big brown eyes. He’s pulled into the wedding preparations, happy to help when the musician doesn’t show. But how far will he go to get Maggie’s attention and approval? He’ll commit to just about anything to win over the fair Maggie. But does that mean he has to commit to the dog, too?

Book #3 - Coming Home to Magnolia Bay

Come home to love.

Sara Prescott's eight-year-old son Max wants a dog. But their apartment doesn't allow pets, and the divorced single mom can't afford the certified seizure-alert dog Max needs. Instead, she and Max volunteer at the Furever Love Animal Shelter. Max forms a special bond with Jett, a big black bully breed and three-time loser who keeps getting dumped.

Justin Reed comes back home to Magnolia Bay to make peace with his past. Now an animal trainer for the film industry, he visits the shelter to find a dog actor for a series set in nearby New Orleans. Justin chooses Jett, but the shelter's director rejects his application because Jett needs a finally-forever home, not a job with an end date. The shelter's resident animal communicator proposes a win-win: Justin can use Jett as an animal actor if he also trains Jett as a service dog for Max.

Thrown together while Justin trains Jett, Sara and Justin have no business indulging their mutual attraction. Sara is focused on her son, and Justin will be leaving soon. But Max and Jett have other ideas….

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