Telepathic animal communicator, counselor, and energy healer

What is a telepathic animal communicator?

As a telepathic animal communicator and counselor, I help to foster understanding and resolve problems in a multi-species household. In addition, when simple understanding and compromise isn’t enough to achieve harmony, I utilize energy healing for animals, humans, and situations. I am trained in several powerful modalities, including Body Talk, Matrix Energetics, and Master-Level Reiki. Proximity isn’t an issue, which means that it doesn’t matter whether my clients are in my zip code. It doesn’t matter whether they are in physical form or have passed over to spirit. Remote sessions can be just as powerful and accurate as in-person visits.

How does telepathic animal communication work?

Animals communicate with each other telepathically. Have you ever seen a huge flock of birds racing across the sky in complete synchronicity? Flying wing-tip to wing-tip, they bank and turn like one organism. Without looking left or right, each bird knows what every other bird is doing. Our pets communicate with us telepathically, too.  It happens all the time, but often we fail to realize it. When we’re sitting in front of the television; and the thought pops into our head that the cat’s water bowl needs refilling… Or, we decide it’s time to take the dog for a walk, and he suddenly shows up from another room, ready to go. Anyone who has pets can probably remember a time when the dog or cat seemed to decide to disappear just in time to miss a scheduled vet appointment.

Is this coincidence, or does your pet know what you’re thinking?

You’re here, so you’re at least willing to entertain the notion that there might be something really cool lurking behind door number two. So the next logical question is: Can anyone learn how to communicate with animals? Though telepathic abilities are an innate gift we all share, it takes a little doing for most of us to cultivate. It takes a clear head, an open heart, an ability to be fully present in the moment, and confidence in your abilities. Daily meditation helps. Training and practice are essential. You can do it, too, and I can teach you! But until then, I’m here to bridge the gap between you and your animal companions.

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What is a session like?

Animal communication and healing sessions can be done remotely or in person, and either has the potential to create lasting change for the better.



What does a session cost?

Animal communication, counseling & energy healing can help multi-species families achieve harmony for animals, humans, and situations.



How do I schedule a session?

It's easy, and you can find out more without committing. Just click the find-out-more button below to get all the details on scheduling a session.



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If humans and double-digit numbers of animals can peacefully coexist at Dragonfly Pond Farm, your multi-species family can achieve harmony, too.



Can I learn how?

Anyone with the desire to learn and the will to keep practicing can learn how to communicate telepathically with animals. I can teach you!