Animal Communication Classes

Learn Animal Communication at Dragonfly Pond Farm

Come to Dragonfly Pond Farm for a day of learning and fun! As someone who carries a fair amount of anxiety over the unknown (What if I can't find my way there? What if I get there but I'm not sure it's the right place? What if I get there and it is the right place but it's sketchy or strange or nothing like I expected?), I believe that seeing a lot of pictures of a place helps me to feel more comfortable with making a decision of whether or not that place resonates as a right place for me to go.


Beginning Animal Communication Class

In a beginning animal communication class at Dragonfly Pond Farm, you'll spend the first half of the day learning the theory of how telepathic animal communication works, how it doesn't work, what to expect, what not to expect, and getting all your questions answered. Then, you'll learn tips and tools, and practice connecting remotely through the use of pictures, or items belonging to the animal. Then, with the help of the animals who live at Dragonfly Pond Farm, you'll practice communicating with live animals. All along the way, you'll have my help and support, and you'll leave here with a foundation of understanding and success you can build on when you are ready to increase your skills.

Intermediate Animal Communication Class

In an intermediate class, we dig deeper into the practical aspects of communicating with animals. Intermediate classes are all about blasting through each student's individual blocks to clear communication. We'll work on confidence-building and personal development. We'll use energy healing to delete unhealthy programming in each student's bodymindspirit complex. At this level, the class becomes more tailored to each individual students' needs. We'll learn different forms of meditation, Shamanic Journeying and healing, and working with other communicators as a team. We'll  learn how to find people and animals who will benefit from helping us practice our emerging skills.

Advanced Animal Communication Class

In an advanced animal communication class, we shift focus to learn more about counseling our clients and their animal family members in a way that respects our boundaries and theirs. We learn about ethical and sustainable business-building practices that serve ourselves, our clients, and our communities, while reflecting the integrity, values, and practices that we want to project for the benefit of professional animal communicators everywhere. We learn about different energy healing modalities, and explore ways of accessing and integrating into our animal communication practice the specific energy healing modalities that best suit our abilities and interests.