Welcome to Dragonfly Pond Farm

What can I tell you about Dragonfly Pond Farm? Well, IDK. What would you like to know?

Dragonfly Pond Farm is our eight-acre multi-species oasis located in the backwoods of South Alabama. We're five minutes from some really good paddle-boarding and kayaking spots, an hour from Gulf Shores beaches, an hour from Pensacola Intergalactic Airport, 2.5 hours from New Orleans, and 3 hours from a bunch of other places you might like to see.  Right here on the farm, you can converse with many different animals and commune with nature. We have a few walking trails, some big Ol' Grandaddy trees to lean against, a pool to sit by, and some swampland with a fairly nice water moccasin who won't bite unless you step on  him--and before he'd resort to that, he'd do his best to get out of your way. So, see? A friendly place to land for a day-long workshop or a weekend retreat (and you don't have to visit the water moccasin if you don't want to. We know where he hangs out... most of the time. 😉

The farmhouse is way too big for us, partly because we added-on a big chunk for my parents, who aren't with us anymore except in spirit. So, knowing that nature abhors a vacuum (maybe even more than I do), we've outfitted the space that used to be theirs as a yoga / ballet studio, which doubles as the classroom where I teach my classes. 

For folks traveling a fair distance for a class at the farm, we'll pick you up and take you back to the Pensacola Intercontinental Airport (I have to confess, it's only Intergalactic during comic-con).  If you're coming from far-enough away that you need to stay the night or the weekend, we have a small, non-fancy guest house you can stay in, and you'll have the option of cooking for yourself or eating meals with us. Totally up to you, and there's no charge for eating with the family, but fair warning, I never went to culinary school. Chocolate and coffee will be provided. If you're interested in learning more about classes at the farm, and the cost of staying at the guest house for a class or retreat, click the button below and read on.