Celia’s Keto Taco Soup

Celia brought this divine soup to an animal communication class. It’s rich and yummy! I’ve made it several times since. Unable to leave a good thing alone, I’ve added some of my own touches to the recipe. (My additions are … Read More

Fun with Hearing Loss

My dad had significant hearing loss for much of his life. Now, I’m noticing that my family is becoming increasingly incensed with my requests for them to repeat what they just said. Is it hereditary, or is it a punishment … Read More

Cougar Connection

As an animal communicator, I get invited to do many fun and exciting things. This is a cougar who has been trained to take a chicken leg offering through a chain-link fence. It’s safe because even if he’d also like … Read More

Shelley’s Summer Salsa

I’m so grateful to have neighbors that I can also count on as friends! Especially Shelly, whose amazingly delicious recipes still aren’t nearly as amazing as she is! Shelley’s Summer Salsa is great for chip-dipping, but I love to add … Read More

Aunt Sister’s Weekend Soup

We didn’t grow up poor, but we couldn’t afford to waste food, either. And let’s face it: leftovers aren’t everyone’s favorite menu choice. I can promise you that when you make this recipe, it won’t be as fabulous as my … Read More

Turtleback Cookies

This is a familiar recipe to anyone who lives in the small Alabama town where I grew up. Our local family-owned bakery was famous for all its cookies—you could smell the sugary aroma a block away, and it was so … Read More

Upstairs Office Window

Under the excuse of research for my fiction writing, I learn about a lot of things that interest me. Because of my writing I have learned palmistry, renewed my interest in pottery, and learned how to read runes. Runes are … Read More

Please Help Give Percy a Home!

Most animal communication sessions are fun and interesting. Others are heartbreaking. Percy has been waiting at the vet’s office for his person to come and take him home. But that won’t be happening. When I explained to Percy that his … Read More

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