How to Use a Pendulum

What is a pendulum, anyway? Pendulums are a cool way to point yourself in the right direction when you’re not sure which way to go. A pendulum is a way of opening the door from your conscious mind to the … Read More

Why Does My Cat Hate Me?

Okay, first of all, stop being so dramatic. That’s your cat’s job. Your cat doesn’t hate you. If they’re indifferent, then you’re in trouble. But if they hate / love you, you’re okay. Yes, cats can be drama queens. The … Read More

Wilted Weekend Curry

You know how it is: You buy that celery, those onions, the package of stoplight bell peppers with the best intentions. Then on Monday you feel like ordering Pizza, on Tuesday you eat out instead of cooking, Wednesday’s pasta carries … Read More

Author Spotlight – Faith Eidse, PhD

One of the coolest things about being a writer is meeting and becoming friends with other writers. It’s an energizing, uplifting group of people who are always learning, always growing, always reaching for the next star. I met Faith at … Read More

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