What's an animal communication session like?

Sessions can be done remotely or in person

Most people think an animal communication session with a telepathic communicator would be more successful if the communicator and the animal could meet in person. But that simply isn't true. In fact, sometimes it's easier to communicate remotely, because physical issues (like an animal wanting to be petted, or nervous about meeting someone new) aren't a consideration. So, unless I happen to live very close to a client, I do my work remotely and then email a transcript of the session.

If you don't have an agenda for the session, I can communicate with your animal companion with little or no information from you beyond your animal’s name and description. You will learn a lot of fun facts you might not have known before, and if you're willing to spend your money for that kind of information, I'm willing to have a fun chat with your animal about whatever we decide to talk about. Eye-opening and worth the money, but maybe not quite what you're after.

If you do have a goal for your animal communication session, you’ll have to do your part before I can do mine. The more specific and thorough you are in describing the current situation and what you want to accomplish, the more easily and quickly I can help you achieve those goals. With a clear, candid photo of your animal and the best information you have about the background and situation, I will be able to get to the heart of the matter without a lot of dithering and aimless conversation.

Once I’ve received your information, I’ll email a reply and send a PayPal invoice to your email address. For in-person sessions, the payment will be for the estimated cost, and we can take care of any overage when the session is complete (for example, if  you decide to extend the session longer than an hour for some reason). For remote sessions, I’ll speak with your animal(s) soon after I've received your payment, and you'll receive a typed transcript of the session by email. This whole process usually takes me about a week, unless you’ve booked an emergency session.

In-person or remotely, your session includes any energy healing that comes up as a priority during the session. A follow up phone call is also included.