Warm Nights in
Magnolia Bay
Learn More The animals interfere in their humans' love lives

Everyone (humans and animals alike) has an opinion about everything

The neighbor is as infuriating as he is gorgeous

And a sprinkle of hope is just the right thing to have you believing in love again
November 2021 Available Now Welcome to Magnolia Bay where:
Amazon Barnes & Noble
Hear Them Speak Learn More Would you like to know what your animal is really thinking?

Discover your own superpowers of telepathic animal communication

Learn the difference between receiving true communication and creating something in your imagination

Learn from real-life examples and practice your skills with easy-to-follow tasks
Available Now Reader Forum A Twelve-Week Course in Telepathic Animal Communication
Connect with other readers, ask questions, and dive deeper into the lesson tasks. JOIN NOW Amazon Barnes & Noble
Angel Falls Learn More The women are Sassy, Sexy, Smart, and Southern

A ballerina returns to her deep-south hometown in Lower Alabama

The might’ve beens of the past collide with the possibilities of the future

The heroine must choose between her first love and a sexy Scottish newcomer
Available Now Read an Excerpt Welcome to Angel Falls where:
Welcome to Angel Falls! Meet the residents, tour the town, and read an excerpt (or two!) from the book. VISIT ANGEL FALLS Amazon Barnes & Noble

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Babette’s animal communication abilities and love of romance writing come full circle in a new series from Sourcebooks, Welcome to Magnolia Bay: a romance series with an animal communication twist. Her debut novel, Angel Falls, won the Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Award, the New England Reader’s Choice Award, and the Vixen Award for the best love scene.


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