Beyond Words

Justin cupped the back of Sara’s head with one hand, tangling his fingers in her soft hair while they kissed. With his other hand, he pulled her closer, aligning her body with his. In his wildest dreams, Justin wouldn’t have believed that Sara would want him once she’d recognized him.

And he’d had some pretty wild dreams of Sara over the years. She’d been the subject of his dreams—and his fantasies—for over a decade. It had never occurred to him that any of those imaginings might one day become a reality.

He realized too late that the sweatpants he’d chosen for each of them to wear were too thick, too hot, but also too thin, too flimsy. The moist heat and friction of their bodies through the soft cotton jersey felt too much like the real thing. His cock was doing its best to rise up and slide into the snug valley between her legs.

And God help him, Sara was squirming against him, making the problem worse.

He was losing the battle to stay in his head and not let his body take over.

Turning away from her kiss, he put his hands on her hips and set her back a few inches, so she was straddling his legs instead of his lap. “Time out,” he gasped. “Let’s talk about this.”

She leaned forward and kissed his neck. “We already talked.” She ran her hands down his sides, then slid them over his belly. She grasped his cock through the fabric of his sweatpants, then moved her other hand down to cup his balls. “I think we’re done talking…at least for now.”

He drew in a breath and dropped his head back. His legs widened just enough to allow room for her groping fingers. His mind hadn’t given permission for that move, but his rational brain’s control over his body was breaking up. The connection had become as sketchy as cell phone reception out here in the boondocks.

Then she stuck her hand beneath the waistband of his sweats, and he gave up trying to think altogether. She released him long enough to grab his T-shirt by the hem and pull it up. With no more autonomy than a toddler, he held his arms up and let her strip it off.

“Ooh, Justin.” She skimmed her hands over his skin, from his belly to his chest and back down again. “Look at you.”

He reached up to cup her breasts through the thin fabric of the shirt she wore.

She whipped it off and tossed it aside, baring her beautiful breasts to him. But before he could fully appreciate the view, she placed his palms over her breasts. Screw his brain and anything it might think about this. He flipped her onto her back on the couch and stretched out on top of her. They tugged at each other’s sweatpants until there was nothing between them but skin.

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