Animal Communicator Spotlight: Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo

I thought it would be fun to introduce y’all to some of my animal communicator friends! This month’s Animal Communicator Spotlight is of Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, a very talented a animal communicator I taught and mentored. An empty nester, she has now moved fully into her gift as a professional animal communicator and healer, and I’m so proud of her!

How did you get started doing telepathic animal communication?

I first met Babette years ago when she helped me with my adopted and frightened Shih Tzu, named Mushu. Years later, Babette and I met again when a I brought a new animal companion into my life. Here’s the story: I had been trying to gain the trust of a dog that had been used as a bait dog and then dumped on the side of the road. The first time I passed the dog, she went to the middle of the road and stared at me as I drove away. I can envision how she looked at me as I watched her in my rearview mirror. I called this dog “Baby Girl,” because that’s all I knew about her. In the 10 days I tried to get close enough to her, we made progress when she ate from my hand. But there was no way she was going to allow me to pet her. However, an emergency situation came up unexpectedly and I had to leave town. I needed to know that she was okay while I was gone! Then a friend recommended I reach out to Babette. Fate was on our side when Babette happened to be passing through Fairhope. Babette encouraged me to connect with Baby Girl, and in those moments taught me how to truly listen. What I learned was that Baby was taken from her home (Baby felt she was stolen, but I believe she was given away). I learned that bad people had her involved in dog fights and she was used as bait. During this time, I kept feeling as though she had puppies hidden somewhere. She told me she had a litter but they died. She was sad and clearly traumatized. Babette did a healing session with her. During the session, Baby twitched and twitched as she released fear and pain. Babette left when she felt Baby was understanding that I was there to help her. Later that evening, I went to visit Baby in the woods, but found her sitting next to an older gentleman who had also been feeding her. In what seemed like a random move, the gentleman reached down, picked up this 50-pound dog, and put her in my car. However, this was not random at all. Baby knew the man would help us, so she went to him. On some level, he understood what she needed. Seven years later, Baby and I are still together, and she’s my very best friend. And those puppies I kept feeling? Baby Girl was pregnant! We shared a beautiful experience as she birthed and raised seven puppies. That was an eye-opening confirmation that I was also able to receive psychic impressions. It was also the day I began telepathically communicating with intention.

When was the first time you remember communicating with an animal?

My parents gave me my first dog when I was in 7th grade. She was a Shih Tzu and the runt of the litter. Born in September, we named her Ch’iuming, meaning “sweet autumn”. From the day we met, I always knew what she needed or wanted. I knew when she was ill before symptoms showed. I just knew. What I didn’t know was that we were communicating telepathically. When you’re born talking to animals, there isn’t a descriptive word for it, it’s just the way it is. When Ch’iuming was at her end of life due to kidney failure, the vet said to me, many times, “It may be time to let it go.” I couldn’t comprehend that the vet wanted to let this disease take over her body. He didn’t say let “her” go. He said, “Let IT go.” I wasn’t about to give up on the, then, love of my life. My Ch’iuming was on feeding tubes and medications; you name it. She often had to stay at the vet clinic for IV treatment. I would go get her and we’d sit in a beautiful gazebo at a park nearby. One day, while holding her, I realized that our hearts were beating together, at the same pace and beat-for-beat. A loving, glowing warmth came over me and, as if she was a person standing next to me, I clearly heard her say, “You need to let me go. I can’t go peacefully while you’re holding me so close. It’s time to let me go.” It was in that moment that I realized what the vet was truly telling me. (I couldn’t and didn’t want to hear it.) I’d have thought I was crazy had my mother not heard it too. So, that afternoon, we stopped all treatments and, within 3 days of bringing her home, she transitioned. It was so beautiful. We were chest-to-chest, our hearts beating together. Hers slowly weakened and mine strengthened, helping her cross the rainbow bridge. 30 years later, I can still feel her heart beating with mine. Ch’iuming showed me the meaning of a true heart-to-heart connection.

Were you always able to communicate with animals telepathically? 

I believe so, though I wasn’t aware until 2015 when Babette recognized the gift in me and encouraged me to attend her classes. As it turned out, I was accurate and it took no effort at all. I recognized then that I was truly tuned in. Reflecting back on all the interactions I’ve had with animals, I now know we were telepathically speaking. Animals were always crossing my path and continue to do so. On a higher level, I have always been communicating with them, letting them know they can come to me for love, care and safety. I’ve always been able to approach cats that others warned were feral, or dogs that were labeled as dangerous. I had never met an animal that didn’t like me… until Tennelle. She is my daughter’s cat but spends most of her time with me. But I am definitely not her favorite person!

When were you first convinced that you really were communicating telepathically? 

Baby and I have a connection like no other. We effortlessly pick up on each other’s vibrations and energy. One day, I realized that she was getting excited when I began thinking about taking the dogs for a walk. I’m a barefoot lover, so she of course would go crazy when I put on my shoes, knowing we would be walking. But this was different. I intentionally walked into another room and sent a telepathic message to her: “Let’s go for a walk.” She came running. I began testing her at different times of day, to make sure it wasn’t part of our routine. She absolutely, without a doubt, telepathically heard me. And, just for fun, I test her almost daily. (At this very moment, Baby is listening. She’s staring at me from across the room! No, Baby Girl, not right now.)

What is the strangest/craziest communication you’ve received from an animal? 

I’m not sure if this is strange or crazy, but it’s a story that demonstrates the connection our animals have with us. After several months in home hospice, my mother was nearing the end of her life on earth. During that time, the animals were not allowed in her room except for brief visits. However, on the day she passed, the dogs, Murphy, Baby, Idgie and the three cats, Sombra, Pierre and Tennelle, all began to gather around her and under the bed. There was no doubt they were energetically assisting her transition. These are relatively well-behaved animals. They would stand by the door, waiting to be invited in. However, on this day, they didn’t ask permission. They were there on a mission. They knew… several hours later, Baby went into my mother’s room and audibly cried.

What is the most uplifting/inspiring communication you’ve received from an animal? 

I was recently uplifted and inspired by a little Shih Tzu mix dog. His human companion reached out to me because he was having some behavior problems after he came to live with her. It didn’t take long for us to realize that this dog was so sweet and would do anything to “be a good boy.” He also thought he was going to be rehomed again and was confused. I first settled him down and explained the situation. He was in his forever home and his previous humans loved him with all their hearts. He relaxed. But, two new issues came up. He would fuss and pull on the leash whenever they reached a certain “scary” intersection while on their daily walks. After explaining to him what it feels like to not pull on the leash and that he must always follow his human’s cues, he understood. Now they have pleasant, relaxed walks together. His other bad habit was pawing! This was really difficult for the dog’s human, who has delicate skin. The dog started doing this because, as his human was falling asleep or watching TV, he felt her leaving him energetically. He didn’t want her to leave him! Again, I explained about humans and the necessity to “disconnect.” He understood. I also described the pain he was causing his human. He felt horrible! A few days later, I received this message, “… This morning while I was still lying in bed thinking about the day, he crawled up on my chest. It looked like he was about to paw at me, then he stopped himself and settled for staring at me with his soulful little eyes. It was priceless.” This little dog is the sweetest dog with the lightest energy. And guess what? He told me he loves me! Oh, my heart!

What is the most memorable communication you’ve received from an animal? 

2017 was the most difficult year of my life. In February of that year, my Chihuaha, Chiquita, unexpectedly passed away. In April, one of my daughter’s Bourke Parakeet’s flew out the screen porch door, never to return (though I’m certain I see him from time to time). And, in May, my “Main Man Mushu” made the choice to cross the Rainbow Bridge with assistance. The following month, we learned that cancer would soon be taking my sister from the physical world. As the time approached, Chiquita came to me and said, “I’m here! I’m waiting!” and I saw her running around and around the passageway where I knew my sister would be entering Paradise. It made me so happy to know my sister would be greeted with such happiness. Then, Chiquita turned back and summoned the others; all the animal companions we’ve shared our lives with. It wasn’t just Chiquita waiting. It was all the souls we’ve ever loved. This communication was not only memorable, but brought great hope and peace.

Note: Below are some of the last pictures taken of Chiquita and Edward. Were they discussing the coming departure? There is an undeniable conversation happening between them…


Tell us about the animal you’ve learned the most from. 

I can’t possibly choose from whom I’ve learned the most. Each animal companion has taught, and continues to teach, beautiful lessons. Sombra has been a wonderful teacher. Almost every night, he sleeps on my chest, absorbing pain or that which does not belong. Many years ago, when Sombra was in his prime, I woke from what I thought was a dream. But it was not a dream. Sombra had taught me what energy feels like. I woke up with my hands approximately 6″ from his body. I was feeling his energy! From that moment on, I realized my ability to physically, empathically and telepathically feel the energy of most living things.

Whenever I communicate with a client’s animals, Sombra takes an Egyptian-like stance, either standing or sitting, and watches over the animal communication session.

You might notice, from his picture, that Sombra is approaching the end-of-life stage. I rarely have conversations with my own animals, because we don’t seem to need “words.” However, the other night I was petting Sombra as he was curled on his pillow next to my head. I thanked him for being such a good teacher and companion. He said, “You know I have to go soon.” Of course, I protested. “I’ve done my job here,” he replied. “The girls are grown, and I’ve taught you all that I can. We did a good job together, didn’t we?” I again protested. “You know better than to think I’ll be gone. I’ll still watch over your readings and guide you as I’ve always done. And don’t worry about the girls. They’ll each find their way.” Side note: As I’m typing this, I’m having my own thoughts about Sombra, thinking how much I’ll miss him on my chest. In my mind, I said, “Who will keep me grounded? I might fly off into the ether!” In that moment, Idgie, a.k.a. Lil Bit ran from the foot of the bed and jumped on my chest! “I’ll be here! I’ll do it!” Animals are the best!

Tell us about your process: How do you work with clients and their animal companions?

Before I begin any session, I clear and protect my energetic space with sage or a crystal-charged room spray. I close my eyes and breathe slowly to calm my energetic field and slow the vibration of my heart and body. During this time, the animals in my household begin to gather around me. They are my helpers and protectors. Sombra always presides over the sessions while the others simply hold space.

Because I’m working with my heart vibrations, I don’t usually feel additional psychic protection is needed. But, on the rare occasion that I feel a heavy energy, I’ll pull a quartz crystal closer to me, light some palo santo or incense or allow a white candle to burn. The animal and I are resonating such love between each other, that any heaviness easily lightens with these additional protective measures.

I allow myself the time to truly feel my heart energy. When I feel ready, I stare at a picture of the animal with whom I’m about to communicate. I stare into the eyes of the animal and, when I feel they’re aware of my presence, I request that they open their heart to mine. Usually this is effortless, and the animal seems to know I am “coming.” Sometimes they’ll initially refuse, but eventually they’ll trust my intentions and a heart-to-heart connection is established. I don’t repeat this process for each session. In my experience to date, when a heart-to-heart connection is established, it’s forever.

After we’ve greeted each other, either I or the animal begins the conversation. I use the keyboard as a means to channel the conversation. As the animal sends impressions, I transcribe what I’m experiencing, what the animal is saying and showing to me and my questions/responses to them.

Upon conclusion of the session. I’ll return to my notes to clean and clarify verbiage. Sometimes, the animal will “pop in,” and I’ll add details as directed. I then send the transcript to the client.

Next comes the all-important grounding! After a session, it’s difficult for me to disconnect my emotions from the animal. I’m learning to not become attached to the outcome and only provide the information in front of me. But because I’ve established a heart connection, I’m in it! It’s important for me to partake in some sort of grounding ritual: an Epsom salt bath, standing barefoot outside in the yard, going for a walk with my dogs… When I don’t ground and disconnect after a session, there are physical ramifications for me.  Through grounding, I’m able to release the attachment to outcome and create space for another connection.

What a client can expect:

  • 30-minute, pre-session consultation. I won’t begin a communication session during this call. Instead, this is the time we’ll talk about such issues as your animal friend’s behavior, health, relationships or spirit. Also, you will receive instructions on how to submit a photo of your pet and five questions.
  • A heart-to-heart communication session. Through a telepathic, two-way conversation, I will ask your questions, address other topics that arise, and help resolve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues. An animal communication session can last from 1-3 hours, or even longer. The session is only concluded when your animal companion turns away from me; telling me his/her current issues have been addressed.
  • A follow-up email. After you digest the wisdom your animal has shared, you may realize you have questions. If you need more answers, you may submit up to three follow-up questions at no additional charge.

Tell us about any areas of animal communication you specialize in: Lost animals, behavior modification, afterlife communication? 

Find My Pet Services

Though lost animal cases are challenging because the animal and owners are stressed, I’m often able to learn the animal’s location by immediately doing a healing session for the animal and all household members. These healing sessions help to connect the hearts and fields of energy, which allow them to more easily tune into one another for a successful reunion. We can increase the likelihood of bringing your baby home to you by slowing our hearts and sending love.

I’ve experienced the fear and worry of losing an animal, and I’ll do everything I can to assist in a successful reunion. I won’t turn anyone away! Affordable payment plans are available and I also offer a pay-what-you-can policy on Find My Pet services.

Here’s what the animal’s human can expect:

  • I will remain in contact with the family members for 72 hrs via phone, Zoom, text and email. They’ll have unlimited access to me 24hrs a day for 3 days.
  • I begin with a 40-minute healing session, teaching techniques to slow the heart, calm and ground all family members. Calm and clarity will enable all of us to truly listen to the cues and clues the animal is giving us. Together, we’ll connect to the heart of the missing animal. When the connection is made, we’ll discuss the information I require to help bring your baby home.
  • I’ll stay energetically connected with the animal for 72 hours, and learn their point of view to determine what happened and where the animal is located while keeping him/her steady and calm throughout the search.

I also specialize in End-of-Life Support and Pet Chaplaincy. The pet chaplain program believes there exists a sacred bond between humans and animals. From experience, I know the connection between a person and their animal companion is often deep and spiritual. The loss of an animal companion can be as difficult, if not more difficult, than losing a human loved one.

End-of-Life Support Sessions

The end-of-life sessions will help and support you and your companion while making the difficult decisions. The program includes:

  • Consultation
  • Animal Communication Session with Full Transcript
  • Heart-to-Heart Healing and soon, Pet Chaplaincy services. This service also includes energy healing sessions for you, your animal and all in the household. We’ll talk about the end-of- life decisions you and your animal companion need to make. Through heart-to-heart communication, I’ll share your perspective with your animal and allow them to express their end-of-life wishes.

Grief is a reflection of love, and grief deserves a compassionate response, no matter who or what you’re grieving.

Pet Chaplaincy

Pending certification, I will soon offer inclusive pet chaplaincy to all faith traditions and spiritual beliefs, including agnostic and atheist. I will provide a sympathetic presence to grieving people with unconditional love and compassion. Pet chaplaincy differs from other forms of chaplaincy because the emotional and spiritual needs of people grieving the loss of animals are unique. Western culture simultaneously celebrates pet keeping while minimizing the grief that comes from losing them. Pet chaplaincy recognizes this paradox and steps in to fill this sympathy gap by affirming the powerful connections that people experience with animals.

I will help you draw an accurate picture and tell a truthful story about your sacred bonds with people, animals and even the planet. I’ll help you through the grieving process through teachings, shared storytelling and assisting in the creation of rituals and memorials that provide solace and hope to you, your pet and the entire family.

Do you have any advice to give us on how to communicate with our animal companions? 

Slow down, take your time, trust yourself. Close your eyes and breathe, slowly. Send out the love and energy from your heart and connect to your animal companion’s heart. Love and compassion unite us. We can all tune into our fields of energy and respond to emotions. Our electromagnetic field is generated by the heart and surrounds our bodies. Animals are capable of picking up the vibrations of our heart rates and responding emotionally. Slow down and take as much time as necessary to truly connect.

You can learn more about Gabrielle by visiting her website and connecting with her on social media:

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    • Thank you, Celia! I’m so proud of Gabrielle for embracing her abilities and using them to help others. I’m proud of you too, because I know you’re doing the same thing! By working together, we really can make a difference, one animal at a time.

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