Author Spotlight – Faith Eidse, PhD

One of the coolest things about being a writer is meeting and becoming friends with other writers. It’s an energizing, uplifting group of people who are always learning, always growing, always reaching for the next star. I met Faith at … Read More

Wardell the Magnificent

My friend Katrina and her partner Linda have a precious little Japanese Chin named Wardell. Boy, has that little dog landed in the lap of luxury! Suddenly having two loving mamas doting on him was a dream come true for … Read More

Daike’s Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

1 can sweetened coconut milk 3 dark chocolate bars (60 – 85% pure chocolate) Instant dry oatmeal Optional: raisins, cranberries, coconut flakes, whatever floats your boat. Heat chocolate and coconut milk together in a smallish saucepan on stovetop with very … Read More

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