Animals Teach Us about Nesting

People who don’t live in the tropics year-round say they’d miss having four seasons that are separate and distinct from one another. I love warm weather and despise being cold, so that’s not a problem for me. And it’s cool … Read More

Why Does My Cat Hate Me?

Okay, first of all, stop being so dramatic. That’s your cat’s job. Your cat doesn’t hate you. If they’re indifferent, then you’re in trouble. But if they hate / love you, you’re okay. Yes, cats can be drama queens. The … Read More

Wardell the Magnificent

My friend Katrina and her partner Linda have a precious little Japanese Chin named Wardell. Boy, has that little dog landed in the lap of luxury! Suddenly having two loving mamas doting on him was a dream come true for … Read More

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Babette de Jongh