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A few weeks ago, I met a new friend who’s an animal communicator, blogger, and vlogger (a new word I’ve had to learn). She contacted me to see if I’d like to be a guest on her blog/vlog, and when I checked her out online, I saw that she’s my kind of person. (She’s an animal communicator and an author too!) I was so excited to get to know her, and now I’m just as excited to introduce her to y’all. She’s a really cool person I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning about and learning from!

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am an intuitive animal communicator and Reiki master practitioner with Animal Love Languages. Relationships can get complicated sometimes – regardless of species! Solving pet problems, tackling behavior issues, walking through health challenges and navigating changes like adding a new pet or helping a pet transition takes compassion, empathy and skill. I welcome all pet species and their parents to enjoy the transformative experience of animal communication and Reiki healing on my website.

I have a bunch of free content that I know you’ll find interesting, and I hope you’ll check it out:

Tell me about the most memorable communication you’ve received from an animal

One of my favorite memories is talking to a German Shepherd in spirit named Chief. Chief’s person wanted to tune in to find out how he felt about her bringing home a new canine companion. But Chief didn’t want to talk about his human’s new pet. He had a totally different agenda!

When I greeted Chief in the energetic space, he bounded in and immediately announced, “I know a lot of people words!” I responded with, “that’s amazing, Chief!” Then he said, “How many German Shepherd words do you know?” I replied, “Not many, Chief – will you teach me?”

Chief then launched into the most jaw-dropping series of gyrations, barking at different tones and volumes while moving his ears, body and tail in all sorts of nuanced maneuvers. It quickly became clear to me that each paired bark + movement was a German Shepherd “word.” No words for how I felt in that moment watching him.

How do you work with clients and their animal companions?

Working professionally as an animal communicator is a sacred trust. My role is to serve my animal and human clients by creating a bridge for clear communication to answer questions, solve problems, provide insights and create closeness. As a Reiki Master practitioner, I incorporate Reiki into every animal communication session to create a safe space where empowering and transformative conversations take place.

When you schedule an animal communication session with me, my first step is to talk with the animal. First, I open up a communication channel and simply listen to anything the animal would like to share. No agenda, no questions, just getting to know that unique animal and building trust and connection. Then if my human client has any particular questions or requests, we can address those as well.

Why do I feel it is so important to work this way? So often animal communication gets juxtaposed with mediumship or psychic skills. Animal communication is first and foremost a conversation. The animal is an active participant. There is nothing passive about it. I am not pulling information from the animal’s psychic field but rather asking that animal directly if there are questions about needs, behaviors or other matters.

And because animal communication is a conversation, trust-building is important. Here’s the thing – if some stranger suddenly barged into my world demanding answers to a list of really personal questions, I probably wouldn’t be that keen to comply. Most animals are delighted at the opportunity to talk to humans, especially since those of us who believe animal communication is possible and that we can do it are still in the relative minority. But still, each animal has a completely unique personality and some animals can be more reserved or introverted than others. So if I don’t get a ton of information the first time I connect with a new animal I am working with, I might connect in two or even three more times before I talk to their human. I let the animals lead the conversation and take it at their pace. This method yields the richest conversations, I have found.

Do you have any advice to give us on how to communicate with our animal companions?

Interspecies communication is a birthright. We all have access to this communication pathway! What blocks our awareness? Typically, disbelief, which manifests as a doubting mind. I love what Albert Einstein said: “either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle.” And animal communication is DEFINITELY a miracle – at least in my life and most assuredly in the lives of the animals who are invited to talk with humans.

I teach my students to first set the intention to trust the animals. Trust is a pathway through doubt with integrity. I next teach my students to give their mind a job to do. The mind’s job is to receive, decode and translate the animal’s messages. A mind busy with its job will not interfere with the actual conversation, which takes place in the space between thoughts. I also encourage my students to use the breath to return home to their physical bodies. The animals can use our bodies to send messages and we can’t receive those messages if we are living up in our heads all the time!

To this end, I created a short meditation to help pet parents feel closer to their animal companions – this can be a very helpful experience to begin opening up to animal messages:

Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

Let’s Talk to Animals is a podcast and vlogcast all about animal communication – what it is, who can do it, how it happens, how to get started, how to select a communicator to work with or study with. Each week we feature amazing communicators and energy workers around the world who talk with animals.

Animal Love Languages also offers a free weekly love letter that sends notifications each time a new podcast episode is released as well as notices about new blog posts, courses, free tools and fun news.

Shannon’s Social Media Links:

Babette Will Be Featured on the
Let’s Talk to Animals Podcast in July!

I hope you’ll listen in when Babette is a guest on Wednesday, July 27th. We had such a fun conversation that I know you’ll enjoy! Click on the image to listen to my podcast episodes.

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  • Thank you for pointing out that there is a comparison between animal communication and mediumship or psychic abilities and that animal communication is mostly a discussion. My dad is getting a new dog. I’ll advise him to use an animal psychic communicator to hone his psychic abilities and pick up some animal lingo.

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