Your Loved One Might Owe You Something This Good

You know when your favorite person makes a mistake so grave that they really ought to do something to redeem themselves, even though their mistake was just stupid and wrong-headed and not mean-spirited? Welp, my husband knows when he makes such a mistake, even when I don’t torture him about his inadvertent wrongdoing. I was soldiering on through the unfortunate situation he helped to create—and being way more understanding than he deserved—when I received a fantastic, unexpected gift: a feather body pillow.

You haven’t slept well until you’ve slept with your arms and legs wrapped around a feather body pillow. (Now, I sort of think I might need another feather pillow to tuck in behind me and lean against, but he hasn’t been that bad yet. The year is still young.) But every night since I first snuggled down with that fabulous pillow, I’ve settled in with a heartfelt sigh and reminded myself to write a blogpost about it.

We all deserve a pillow (or two) like this, even when our loved ones don’t mess up bad enough to give one to us. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so we owe it to ourselves to make sure our sleepy time is as comfy and nurturing as we can make it. Now, if you’re allergic to feathers or you object to feather pillows in general, I guess you’ll have to do something different. Other than advising that a cheap polyester pillow will only make you hot and sweaty, I’ll bow out of any further conversation on the subject. You do what you want, and I won’t judge you, just as I’d prefer you don’t judge me for my choices. But if you want to sleep better than you’ve ever slept before, you might want to get a huge, fluffy feather pillow for yourself. (Or, if you’ve been bad, get one for someone you love.)


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