Big (Little) News from Dragonfly Pond

The big (little) news at our house is Pearl, aka Lambchop. Pearl is a thrown-away puppy who somehow made her way under our house, where we heard her crying. I know from animal communication with Pearl that she was not the only puppy thrown from the window of that moving car. Hurled one-by-one into a cold, foreign place just as the sun was going down, each puppy was suddenly on its own, unable to find its siblings. Just a few days after New Year’s, Pearl came to us starving and dehydrated, being eaten alive by hundreds of fleas and dozens of ticks. She had mange, and, we later discovered, Parvovirus. All alone at less than twelve weeks of age, this 3.2 pound puppy had survived freezing cold temperatures and the terrifying sound of New Year’s fireworks by digging a hole in the soft ground under a fallen tree and burying herself under leaves. Now, after lots of TLC and good vet care, we know that she’s going to be okay. And though we don’t need any more dogs, I’m afraid that once she’s completely healed from her mange and the trauma she had to go through, I may be unable to let her go and live with anyone else. I asked her what she wants, and she says she doesn’t want anything more than the chance we’re giving her to survive. This little nugget may be more than a tiny survivor. She may be an ascended master we can all learn from.

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  • Pearl’s story had me in tears! I am so glad to hear that she followed the barks of the others to your home after such a rocky start to her little life. She looks to be a special little soul, that’s for sure.

  • For such a little dog, Pearl sure has a big spirit. She’ll do great things in life, I’m sure! We’ve just got to get her well first. She’s going back to the vet again today. Ascended masters shouldn’t have to deal with itchy skin!

    • You’re not the only one, Susan! I might want to keep her myself, though I really don’t need another dog. Still, I know she has a lot to teach me while we work on getting her well, and I don’t want to move her on until I’ve potty trained her, which has been a challenge because she is terrified of going outside. She’s afraid we’re going to leave her out there to fend for herself, and the minute I step onto the porch, she starts shivering. So there’s some energy healing of trauma that will have to happen as well. She’s also dealing with a skin infection that seems to be resistant to the $30 antibiotic shot she got last week. But we can take our time. She’s safe until she decides what she wants to do, and for now, that’s all she needs to know.

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