Bully Gets a Bell

Welp, it’s not like we haven’t tried. Animal Communication and energy healing can do a lot, but they can’t change an animal’s personality. And even our four-legged companions are born with free will to do as they please. Our cat Robin, who is sweet as pie to humans and dogs, is a bully to other cats. He regularly gets squirted with the bad-critter-water (or tossed outside) for his undaunted determination to be mean, even though he knows full well it’s against the rules. He wants to be an only cat, and no matter how many times I tell him that will never happen, he still thinks he can chase everyone else away.  This year, Robin will get a stocking full of jingle collars for Christmas, and though they’re the breakaway safety kind, there are plenty more where these came from. If Robin can’t be sweet, at least the other cats will hear him coming. Jingle, Jingle all the way! Merry Christmas, Robin!

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