Conversation with the Bonanza Brothers

Welcome back to another Animal Communication Monday! After last week’s conversation with the speckled hen, I visited the Rooster brothers to get their side of the story.

When I talked with the speckled hen last week, she must have told her two roosters the news, because that evening, neither of them tried to roost in the barn with her. They didn’t go straight to the chicken coops either, but instead hung around the flower beds looking nervous.

I didn’t have to ask them what the problem was; they were afraid of the four bullies hiding in the coops, ready to come roaring out to chase them away. I closed the doors to the occupied coops so they could stroll to their bedchamber unmolested.

This has worked out well, and our conversation opened up a new line of communication between the new roosters and me. These newcomers are a fancy breed, beautiful, friendly, and BIG. Given to us by friends who couldn’t keep them, they were named Hoss and Monster, but I kept forgetting Monster’s name. I apologized to him about that, and he responded that I couldn’t remember the name because he doesn’t like it and hasn’t accepted it as his. He wanted a new name.

Hoss liked his name and wanted to keep it.

I’m old, so I remember the character of Hoss Cartwright from the show Bonanza. I started tossing out names of the other Cartwrights, and Monster chose to become Adam.

I am a little worried because the Cartwright brothers were cursed in love—any woman who fell in love with them always died, causing great angst and drama over at least two episodes. The speckled hen isn’t worried; if she ever cared about sentiment, she is over it now. She is in no danger of falling in love with anyone.

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