Meet Jessie

Jessie is a four-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who was lucky enough to land in Gail Thompson’s family as an eight-week-old puppy. In the whelping box, Jessie was the first puppy who learned to escape and take herself on self-guided missions. She honed her hunting skills catching Texas locusts at a very young age. Jessie has always been the type of dog who needs to be busy and working.

Jessie comes from a line of top show dogs with skills ranging from agility to lure coursing, from tracking to search and rescue. Competing in confirmation shows (aka dog shows) comes naturally to Jessie. She has earned many awards including International Championship, The Grand Steiger Award, three Best In Shows, and one Reserve Best In Show. She has earned three points toward her AKC Championship, achieved her title in CGC, or Canine Good Citizen, and NTD, or Novice Trick Dog.

Jessie is a very athletic dog who needs to stay busy, so Gail is dedicated to spending time on these pursuits, as well as Agility and other favorite activities. Gail suggests that anyone considering these activities for their dog should consider joining their local dog club. In the Pensacola area, check out Five Flags Dog Training and Pensacola Dog Fanciers. “It helps us build our bond to work and move together,” Gail says of her Agility work with Jessie. “That is where working with Babette has really helped us.” Animal communication and energy healing go hand in hand to improve communication and focus when teamwork is a priority.

Another of Jesse’s jobs is as a companion to Gail’s 98 year-old mother-in-law. For her work as an elder-helper, the tricks and obedience all come in handy. Jessie knows how to be calm, how to pick up dropped objects and complete other helpful tasks. The agility skills help Jessie to move easily around without tripping anyone or being underfoot.

Gail started utilizing animal communication and energy healing for Jessie when she kept running off course during Agility trials. “Babette helped me to realize that Jessie needed to work through lots of things that I was not aware of,” Gail says. “Among the biggest issues were all of the smells in the horse arenas with compacted clay floors. Jessie’s effort to process these smells combined with the excitement of the trial made it harder for her to focus on running agility. Since we started working on those things, I have seen a huge improvement in our performance at Agility trials. Jessie has gotten her first Q and now we are looking like a team when we run. These skills have also spilled over into our everyday life. I would recommend using the services of an animal communicator, particularly if you feel you have hit a road block and don’t know what to do next.”

Animal communication gives insight into how our animal family members think and feel. Just one communication session can open the door to a deep understanding in a human/canine team. This enables them to work more smoothly together, and to recognize problems before they become entrenched. Gail and Jessie’s story illustrates what is possible when deep commitment, caring and respect meets with a can-do attitude. In a different home environment, Jessie’s high-energy and drive to succeed could have resulted in hole-digging, door-scratching, couch-chewing devastation. An energetic dog who isn’t given a job will assign one for herself, and it generally isn’t the sort of job the dog’s human would prefer! Gail’s work with Jessie shows that even a young, highly-driven dog can be a pleasure and a joy, an asset to any family. Dogs are known for their devotion. When that same level of devotion is given back, the results aren’t just miraculous, they’re beautiful.

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