Animal Rescue Spotlight – Meet Bellona aka Mama B

Bellona, also lovingly known as Mama B., has been with us since April of 2021. She is 4-5 years old, 58lbs (a little on the fluffy side), spayed, had age-appropriate vaccinations and is heartworm negative. She came to us from a horrible situation as her owners were bootlegging power from a main line. To prevent the company from turning off the power, Mama B was chained to the pole to keep the workers away. On intake, she was a skeleton and heavily pregnant. We were not sure she nor the babies would survive the birth. Thankfully, they all did. Like a lot of chained dogs, Mama B had some serious resource guarding and aggression issues. We’ve worked hard to rehabilitate her and she can now be around some dogs, no longer has any stranger danger issues and absolutely adores puppies. However, it’s going to require an experienced owner to continue to work with her. Mama B has the most amazing temperament now and is an absolute doll. Someone is going to be lucky to have her in their life.

What Mama B Has to Say

Babette: “Hey, Mama B! You sure are pretty. I love your sweet smile and your beautiful gray coat.”

Mama B: “I’m smiling because I’m happy! My coat is pretty because the nice people who take care of me and my babies are feeding me really good food. They feed me every day! They give me clean water too. They keep my place clean so I don’t have to sit in my own poo. I really love it here. I am working hard to learn how to be a good dog so I can have a home of my own. They tell me it’s wonderful to have a family, but my last people were not nice. They wanted me to be mean and bad. I’m learning to be nice now though. All I want is to make my people happy and do the right thing!”

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