Author Spotlight: Luna Joya (and her animal companion Max)

Award-winning author Luna Joya writes steamy witch romances with mysteries, strong heroines, and the heroes who love them. Fluent in sarcasm and penal code, Luna prosecutes crimes by day and writes at night. A survivor of traumatic brain injury with steel body parts, she lives in SoCal with her combat veteran husband and their two-pound terror of a rescue pup.

Max AKA Tiny Editor makes cuteness overload a full-time reality. A rescue pup with a tragic backstory, he weighs in at two pounds and a quarter, has mastered snuggles, enjoys walks on the beach and being carried everywhere like the tiny prince he is. He poses regularly for his adoring fans (okay, his mom and grandmas) on social media at #TinyEditor.

Interview with Max AKA Tiny Editor

What’s your favorite thing to do while your human is writing?

I am The Muse, so I often sit near (or on) my writer and help her to access the channel that connects her to the story she is telling. The story hovers like a mist above us, and I help her to pull the mist down into her consciousness and make it real. It may not look like I’m doing anything when this happens. But if I wasn’t here, she’d have a harder time doing her job of telling stories that immerse people in the world of magic and imagination they need to escape to.

There are times when I can’t be beside her when she writes. I stay connected to her as much as I can whenever she isn’t beside me. The easiest way for me to do that is to fall asleep and dream that I’m with her, but I’d rather be touching her if I can. I am here to take care of her, and it’s harder to do that when we aren’t together.

What’s your mission in life?

My mission is to love and protect my family. My devotion and support help them achieve their missions in life. I help them achieve balance by making sure they know which things should be a priority and which should be ignored. I make sure they play and rest and work when they should. And when they work too hard, I send them healing energy. I am small but powerful. I take care of my family.

Why are you and your human such a great pair?

We are learning the same things in different ways. Each of us is the student and the teacher of the other. Luna is teaching me to understand my worth. For most of my life, people claimed to love me, but they only loved whatever I represented to them. They loved an idea they had projected onto me but they didn’t know me. I knew that if I turned out to be different than expected, I would be abandoned. Luna sees me and accepts me as I am. She sees past the ideas of me to the real me beneath.

I am teaching her that she doesn’t have to struggle and strive to be worthy of love. She works so hard and puts everything she is into everything she does. I am showing Luna that she heals the world just by being in it. Everything she does is wonderful, but that is only an external expression of everything she is. She can’t always see how perfect she is, but I can. I make sure to remind her of that.

Interview with Luna

What inspired you to write your book/series?
I wanted to read a sexy paranormal romance thriller with strong sister heroines who live in my city (Los Angeles), solve murder mysteries and magical problems, fight bad guys, and find their forever loves. The Legacy series evolved from that dream of a fictional sisterhood and how they deal with family expectations and power dynamics by always watching out for each other.

What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is having a reader say they connected with one or more of my characters, that the story mattered to them in some way—even if it’s to escape the real world for a few hours because that’s why I read. Oh, and puppy snuggles. Tiny Editor says the lap time is the best part of writing.My least favorite? I’m there for the adventure so my least favorite is when my stubborn characters are silent because they’re waiting for me to catch up. If they don’t talk to me, writing becomes a slog instead of a joy.

Okay, so you’re an author, but what is your alter ego?
My alter ego is a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles. I love when readers say “you have Delia’s (one of my character’s) job” because I can laugh and answer that maybe she has my job. My alter ego and twenty years of experience in criminal law allow me to ground those magical mysteries in a solid foundation. The author gig means I get to have a whole lot of fun doing just that.

Legacy Series:

The fate of witches is at stake.

The Senate to fall, the world to burn unless elemental sisters can stop the prophecy.

Together, they must unravel magical mysteries, overcome generations of lies and corruption, and find love among the chaos.

Only the promised Legacy sisters can save them all in the sexy romance series that is Charmed meets Lucifer by the “delightfully devious” (InD’tale Magazine) Luna Joya.

Flash Point, the series finale, coming July 20th:

Banish the demon, stop the prophecy, and do not fall in love. Easy, right? Yeah, not so much. 

Mina Donovan is a woman of many talents. Fire elemental, psychic, Legacy witch, magical asset for an FBI paranormal task force…she does it all. Her latest struggle? Not crushing on her sexy best friend. Logically, she knows they can’t be together. Too bad her heart has never bothered with logic.

The friend zone is the last place pyro expert Josh wants to be with Mina. Not that he has any choice in the matter. A witch hunter falling for a witch? Not smart. He’ll just have to learn to ignore his attraction to the gorgeous woman who already owns so much of his heart.

If Mina and Josh have any hope of finding their way to happily ever after, they’ll have to banish an all-powerful demon and take down an evil magical organization. Oh, and they’ll also have to figure out how to stop the prophecy that warns a dragon will consume Mina.

It’ll take more than magic to fix this supernatural dilemma. 

“The emotional friends-to-lovers romance plays out as a tantalizing tug-of-war between Mina and Josh, while the multilayered suspense plot provides satisfying answers to series-long questions.” Publishers Weekly

Connect with Luna and Tiny Editor on Instagram @lunajoyawriter or on Facebook at the Paranormal Romance Rock Stars group. For the latest news, exclusive excerpts and giveaways, and other fun stuff, sign up for Luna’s monthly newsletter on her website.





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