Please Help Give Percy a Home!

Most animal communication sessions are fun and interesting. Others are heartbreaking. Percy has been waiting at the vet’s office for his person to come and take him home. But that won’t be happening. When I explained to Percy that his … Read More

Glenn in the Cabinet

I met Glenn when he was begging for food on a restaurant patio in Key Largo. We had just picked up our friends from the airport in Miami, and the four of us were stopping for dinner on the way … Read More

Awww, Deer

As an animal communicator, I get the chance to do many of the things that I dreamed of as a child. Animals, nature spirits, fairies; the ability to commune with these things captured my heart and my imagination from an … Read More

Energy Healing for a Lion

Energy healing causes subtle but often miraculous shifts in consciousness and energy patterns. Whether I’m working with animals or humans in person, I notice signs of a shift in physical markers such as stomach gurgling, spontaneous coughs or sneezes or … Read More

Meet Jessie

Jessie is a four-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who was lucky enough to land in Gail Thompson’s family as an eight-week-old puppy. In the whelping box, Jessie was the first puppy who learned to escape and take herself on self-guided missions. She … Read More

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Babette de Jongh