Wardell the Magnificent

My friend Katrina and her partner Linda have a precious little Japanese Chin named Wardell. Boy, has that little dog landed in the lap of luxury! Suddenly having two loving mamas doting on him was a dream come true for a dog who’d spent the first two years of life in a crate in the breeder’s basement.

Katrina treated Wardell like a Tiny Rock Star, or a maybe a Royal Prince Puppy. Wardell absorbed the adulation like a dry sponge soaks up water. Linda, with her nurturing, motherly energy, was the Bringer of Treats, the Fixer of Food, the Waiter of Water. Linda showed her love by giving Wardell whatever would make him happy.

But Wardell didn’t seem to trust Linda. He’d growl at unexpected moments, and even snap at Linda, even though she’d never been anything but kind and loving.

I used a combination of energy healing and animal communication to find out why Wardell didn’t treat Linda with the same lovingkindness that she showed to him.

It turned out that Linda’s nurturing, motherly energy reminded Wardell of his breeder, who had also acted nurturing and motherly—but only when she was showing Wardell off to potential buyers. In Wardell’s mind, anyone who treated him like a precious child was scheming to get rid of him.

I did energy healing to help Wardell to learn discernment, so he could tell the difference between his breeder’s false energy and Linda’s genuine energy of motherly love and nurturing kindness. I did a mutual meditation with Wardell, in which I showed him the colors of his and Linda’s energy (blue and green), and then showed how their mingled energies made an even-more beautiful turquoise color.

A couple of weeks later, I got the sweetest email from Linda, who wrote:

I must Thank You. These last 2 wks Wardell has truly turned a significant corner with me. Katrina shared with me that it’s because of the work you have done with Wardell that he’s undeniably changed. Often when I approached him in the past he’d sometimes growl, look nervous and generally didn’t completely trust me. 

However, it’s as if a new doggo has replaced my little anxious King. My goodness wot did u do? What sorcery has changed him into being absolutely loving to me? Now instead of acting wary he’s “Open” and trusts me. By that I mean he’s receptive, his whole countenance (his expressions are priceless & very telling), body language, are relaxed and dare I say LOVING?

Totally different his energy field is now. It’s not sporadic either he’s like this all the time.

Want you to know that I’ll always appreciate your skill and be thankful for you breaking through to this guy who is colossally important to me.

It is one of my greatest joys in life to help animals and their people understand one another better so they can live their very best lives together.

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