Conversation with a Dragonfly

This morning I noticed a dragonfly sitting on the back porch. The dragonfly looked perfectly okay, but I knew he wasn’t. He was barely breathing. (Dragonflies breathe through tiny holes in their abdomens—it’s easy to see their abdomens expand with each breath.)

I asked the dragonfly if he wanted to step up onto my finger so I could move him to a safer place, and he agreed. He climbed onto my finger, but only the legs on the right side of his body were working. He still managed, and I put him on a post, then gave him some energy healing.

I asked him how he was feeling, and he said he thought he was dying, but he appreciated being allowed to die quietly without the cats bothering him or other predator bugs attacking him. I came back to check on him a little later, and the light breeze was causing him some discomfort. He had to cling to the post to keep from being blown off it.

I asked him if he wanted me to bring him inside where there wouldn’t be any wind for him to contend with. He wasn’t sure what “inside” meant, but when I put my finger out, he climbed up onto it, and this time, all his legs were working. He decided that he might not die after all, and he was willing to trust me to take him somewhere safe to rest and recover—or to die if that was his fate.

He’s sitting on a textured cloth coaster on my desk now, so he will be able to get some traction if he decides to push off and fly. He’s breathing much better. I can clearly see his abdomen moving as he breathes. His life force feels much stronger, and I’ve continued to do energy healing for him. His left side is still weak, but seems to be improving. He’s holding himself more upright than before.

I offered him a drop of water on the tip of my finger. He held my finger in his front feet and sipped at the water. I could hear and see his mouth moving as he drank. I’ve told him that if I can find an almost-dead fly buzzing around one of the windows, I’ll bring it to him. But ever since I made that promise, the house flies that have been driving us crazy for weeks have been oddly absent.

I have communicated with the dragonfly about the way we’ll handle taking him outside when and if that happens. If it turns out that he is able to fly, he’ll practice in my office, and when he’s ready to go outside, he will let me know by landing on me. That still feels a long way off. He has tested his wings by fluttering them several times, but hasn’t yet decided to fly. He is content to sit still and use his energy for self-healing.

I’m about to post this now, so if you are reading this post on Monday, June 14, 2021, and you feel like sending some healing energy to help this dragonfly, please do. It’s easy to send healing across space and time—just look at his picture, imagine a line of connection from your heart to his, and send the light of healing energy along that line. When you imagine that he has received the healing, gently close off the connection so that you and he are no longer sharing energy.

I’ll let y’all know how he does.

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