Conversation with a Mama Deer

I got a rare treat today: A chance to talk with a mama deer. Her name is Polly, and she is a wild white tail deer who has befriended my niece’s husband, Greg. This friendship started several months ago, and was initiated by Polly.  Whenever he was doing work outside on their country property, Polly would come out of the woods and graze near him.

Polly showed up last week with a baby. Then, the very next day, she had two babies with her. Emily sent me a precious video of the three of them grazing. Emily is an animal communicator, and it’s a little frustrating to her that Polly—and indeed, many of the wild animals she would like to commune with—gravitate toward Greg.

Even though Emily is perfectly capable of chatting with Polly herself, I asked if she’d send me a few questions for Polly so I could chat with her too. I asked Polly why she feels so comfortable with Greg. She showed me that Greg’s energy is quiet, kind, and calming. His presence makes her feel safe. She showed me that Greg’s energy is similar to that of a deer, and that makes her feel that she is grazing beside a trusted friend.

I asked if she had taken an orphan to raise along with her baby, but they are both hers, even though one of them wasn’t with her that first day. Deer often leave their very young babies hidden while they forage, and the larger of the twins was ready to come along with mom sooner than his smaller sibling.

I got an interesting reminder about asking the right question when I relayed one of Emily’s questions:  “How long have you lived here?” That question didn’t compute for Polly because of the word here. Here supposes that there is a there, and that the two are separate places. To Polly, there is no here or there. There are safe areas and danger areas, but wherever she is, by definition, is here.

Talking to Polly was a wonderful experience, because it allowed me to commune with her quiet, calm energy. Sitting with my mind connected to hers for a few minutes felt grounding and relaxing. If that’s the way Greg makes her feel, it’s no wonder she likes to graze near him.

Come to think of it, Greg’s an okay guy, and I kind of enjoy hanging out with him too.

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