Conversation with an Oil Leak

The recent oil pipeline leak in the news reminded me of my years-ago conversation with the BP Oil Spill that affected the Gulf Coast.

As the oil drifted ashore near us, I sat on the beach and meditated with the water and the marine ecosystem. I sent healing energy outward, mentally expanding a protective pink bubble over and through the waves as far as I could get it to go. Then, I hit a wall. The oil-invaded ecosystem couldn’t be healed until the oil spill itself was healed. (Duh, right?)

After that AHA! moment, I was given another challenge. Telepathic communication came up as a priority in my energy healing session. I couldn’t continue sending healing to the ecosystem until I communicated with the oil spill itself.

The oil spill felt that it was being blamed unfairly. It wanted us humans to understand that we had created this situation by exploiting oil for our own purposes. We love the oil as long as it puts out for us. (The oil felt like a disadvantaged lover who gets plenty of midnight booty calls but isn’t invited to meet the parents.) But when the oil is broken and bleeding and needs our help, we turn our backs on its dilemma and blame it for everything that went wrong in our mutual relationship.

The oil was right, and we were wrong. Because after all, the oil was happily living its own life in the substrate when we coaxed it out of hiding with promises of love, then whacked it on the head the moment it trusted us to treat it kindly. I thanked the oil for doing its best in a bad situation, sent it the healing energy it deserved, then went on to finish the healing session for the Gulf Coast ecosystem.

Do I know for sure that anything I did helped? No, not really. But I hope it did, and I hope that at least the fact that I cared at all made a difference. This may be more than anyone ever wanted to know about the consciousness of misused and abused oil that was pried loose from its familiar home and then blamed for wreaking havoc where it didn’t belong.

But maybe we ought to consider that everything we do and every choice we make (including the way we think) makes a difference. If our thoughts and actions matter, where does that put us and what should we do next? How can we work together to save ourselves and the world going forward?

I hope we have the answers, and if not, I hope we’re at least willing to work toward finding solutions to our problems together, without blame, even for the oil that is spilling out into the water whether it wants to or not.

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