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Recently, I got the chance to work with one of my favorite clients, a little used-to-be anxious dog named Cosmo. Energy healing cured Cosmo’s anxiety. His person, Penny, read my book, Hear Them Speak, and learned how to communicate with Cosmo telepathically so if he ever gets nervous about anything, she can find out what’s bothering him and reassure him before he plunges off the deep end.

Last week, the military base near their house started doing nighttime jet maneuvers, and the loud sounds that seemed to come from nowhere and yet surround him bothered Cosmo. Penny communicated with him, and he showed her that he thought the sounds were coming from very tall people outside the house.

That answer surprised her, so she decided she was wrong and asked me to check in with Cosmo and see if I got something that made more sense. Cosmo is a sensitive dog who picks up on subtle energies, including the emotions of people living nearby. So maybe he was worried about something other than the jets.

When I connected with Cosmo, I saw a connected ring of paper dolls with holes for eyes. When I relayed that to Penny, she elaborated on what she’d seen: impossibly tall people with square heads that looked like they could have been cut out of paper. Because the image was so strange, she disregarded it. I reminded Penny that when we receive a communication that surprises us, that’s one clue that we are on the right track.

Penny and I started a conversation about why different communicators who connect with the same animal will often receive information that is similar but not identical. When I teach a class and have several people communicating with one animal at the same time, each person will receive information that they write down before sharing with the group. Everyone will get a different piece of the puzzle, and when you put all the information together, it fits into a bigger picture.

The images Penny and I saw were similar but not identical, because Penny’s brain and my brain took Cosmo’s non-literal image and made it into something that fits our understanding. The paper dolls holding hands and made out of one piece of paper felt like an unbroken fence surrounding the house. But the fact that it was made of paper meant that it has little real substance.

The shape of humans fit the image Penny saw, but gives additional information: Cosmo knows that the thing he thinks is outside making loud scary noises isn’t human. The empty eyes are another clue that he knows it isn’t human, but it feels menacing.

Penny and I talked about how and why animals are able to send images that they wouldn’t have ever seen (like paper dolls). I think that when animals are showing visual images of something that they haven’t actually laid eyes on, they tap into the collective consciousness to find an image that best fits their understanding.

The image they choose may not be the exact image we receive, because we’re each working from our own image and memory banks to find something that most closely fits. I imagine it like those drive-through bank canisters that we put our info into. Then we hit SEND and the canister travels up the tube to the teller. But in telepathy, the original image changes along the way into something the receiver will be able to interpret.

How does telepathic image-sharing between species happen, and why does it happen the way it does? Those are interesting concepts that are fun to ponder, and there’s no hard-and-fast proof that my suppositions are correct. But like the images we receive that help us better understand our animal companions, the answers to these questions are subjective and open to interpretation.

What do you think? Let’s start a conversation! I’d like to invite you to visit my animal communication forum at: Babette’s Community

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