Conversation with Rosalie: An Ascended Being in a Dog’s Body

Rosalie is a special-needs dog who is suspected to have cerebellar hypoplasia. She can’t walk on her own without the assistance of a wheelchair. Her human, Sasha, is a vet tech who rescued Rosalie—then a two-week-old puppy—from euthanasia and brought her home to bottle-feed. “I just knew she was supposed to be mine,” Sasha said when we talked on the phone after my conversation with Rosalie.

Rosalie is one of those dogs who come to earth to teach us deep and meaningful truths. Here is some of what Rosalie had to say:

“I’m happy all the time! I like the wheelchair because it makes you happy to see me moving around and doing dog-things, but I’m just happy to be alive, whether I’m in the chair or being an ascended master from my dog bed. Sit with me and let me show you how to meditate and connect with the powers-that-be. Understand that I’m much more than a broken little dog with physical problems. I’m a spiritual teacher, and I’m here to teach YOU how to slow down and connect-in and not be hampered by physical constraints. There’s so much more to life than doing and achieving. How about you try BEING more often? Just try BEING, sitting with who you are, and appreciating all that you are, and stop spending so much useless time striving to be better, when you already are incredible, just as you are. 

I love being in my dog body and dreaming of this world and those yet to come, and helping you to learn how to slow down and appreciate everything in your life exactly as it is without trying to change it or make it better. You have no idea how special you are! You’re always trying to do more, to be more, to change everything around you. What if it is all good, just like it is right now at this moment? That’s what I want to teach you while I’m here. I doubt I’ll be here long. I hope that doesn’t bother you. One day, my body will stop doing what it’s supposed to do to keep me alive. When that happens, I want you to know that you should never feel guilty for anything you’ve done or anything you haven’t done or anything you need to do. Life’s too short for that! You are such an amazing person, and you always try so hard to do everything right. But what you need to understand is that there is no RIGHT. There is only what is. And what is, whatever that is, is enough, and it’s perfect. You only need to bring the consciousness of who you are to any situation or event, and observe, and BE. That’s all you have to do to transform the world for the better. 

We guide each other through many pathways toward enlightenment. And there isn’t just one way to one sort of enlightenment. It’s a fun game we play with each other over and over again. All you need to know is that I love you, and you love me, and we are each of us good-enough, just as we are. Please don’t see me through the lens of what I can’t do. Please see me on a deeper level. I am a powerful sentient being. I change the world just by being in it, and nothing more is necessary.”

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