Curing a Pup’s Anxiety

I recently shared in the happy occasion of a client’s success in conquering her dog’s anxiety, finally and for good. Penny and I had been working with her dog Cosmo off and on for a year, using a combination of animal communication and energy healing. Penny read Hear Them Speak and practiced communicating telepathically with her anxious dog, which helped tremendously.

The session that finally did the trick was a video call in which I guided Penny through a deep communication with Cosmo. It was cool for me to watch, because I could see the dog’s immediate response whenever Penny closed her eyes and connected-in telepathically. Cosmo, who was sitting in Penny’s lap, would go completely limp and close his eyes, too!

After their communication session, I did an energy healing session. As often happens, I felt a big shift, and I had the feeling that we’d finally turned a big corner toward wellness for this previously troubled little dog.

It wasn’t exactly an overnight miracle, and we’re still working on healing Cosmo’s sensitive digestive system. But Cosmo’s overwhelming anxiety, which had defined their lives for so long, was finally a thing of the past. With the regular use of animal communication and energy healing, Penny had, over the course of a year, weaned Cosmo off of regular doses of Xanax. Penny can now leave the house without fear that Cosmo will go on a bender, and he can go to doggy daycare or overnight boarding without having to be zonked out on Xanax the whole time. His chronic disposition toward sleepless nights in which he wandered the house restlessly (and kept Penny awake as well) had dissolved.

The first night after our video session, Cosmo slept all night long. I got a relieved email from Penny the next morning. After about a week of OMG, could this be real? Penny finally had to believe that Cosmo had turned a corner. This very anxious dog, who for years hadn’t been able to sleep reliably through the night or be left at home for more than an hour without suffering extreme anxiety, was finally and completely cured. No more Xanax, no more sleepless nights.

Most people don’t have the kind of stick-to-itiveness that Penny has. Most would have been happy enough with a partial success and stopped there. But her devotion and determination guided Cosmo through every stage of the healing process, and now he is a happy, well-adjusted, non-anxious dog. He’s still a sensitive little critter, but she is sensitive to his moods, and she knows where to find me if he starts to backslide.

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