Decision Making with Spirit Guides

Have you ever been STUCK, afraid to make decisions because they might end up being the wrong ones? I’ve been there. If you haven’t, you’re lucky, because it’s easier than you might think to slip into a perpetual state of fear.

It happens like this: One thing you thought would go right doesn’t. That happens a few more times. Then, you get scared of making any decisions at all because you thought you were on the right track before, but it turned out that you weren’t, and you were blindsided by unforeseen consequences. So now, it seems like any step you take could descend on a potential landmine. You stop trusting yourself, analysis paralysis descends, and you’re stuck inside your own head, afraid to move in any direction.

When this happened to me, I reached out to someone who advised me to connect with my spirit guides and ask for their help. I didn’t think I could do it, but it turned out to be easier than I thought. It’s been helpful for me, so I’d like to share my process with you.

  1. Write a list of all the things that have been worrying you lately. Keep adding to the list as you think of things over the next few days. (You may be surprised how many fearful scenarios are swirling at the back of your mind even while you’re getting things done.)
  2. Meditate with your spirit guides. Whether you’ve met them or not, they’re yours, and their only concern is helping you to achieve the highest possible outcome in every situation. Maybe you can see/hear your guides, maybe you can’t. It doesn’t matter. Just write the list and ask them for help.
  3. Tell them that you’ve been worried over the things on the list, and you’d appreciate their help figuring out what to do. Give them permission to fix any problems they can without any effort from you if that’s appropriate and in the best interest of all concerned. (They can do these things, but only if we ask, and it’s easy to forget that we have this incredible resource.)
  4. For time-sensitive problems, let your guides know when you need to have the answer. Write it down.
  5. Every day, spend a few minutes with your guides looking over the list. Get quiet, ask for their help, then look at each question/concern and see if an answer pops into your head. If so, write it down. If not, it’s just not time for you to know the answer, so move on. If any new questions arise, add them to the list.

This new way of decision-making has given me a lot of clarity and peace. I’m learning to dialogue with my guides about my stressors instead of stewing in indecision. I hope this helps anyone who’s getting tired of sitting on the fence but too afraid to jump off. Please share with anyone you know who might benefit, and if you’d like to join the conversation, I’d love to hear from you on my Author Forums – click here to visit and comment!


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