How Covid-19 is Affecting our Animal Companions

Requests for animal communication and healing have greatly increased since the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown in the US. In just that first week, I received four requests for emergency help and healing for dogs who were having nighttime panic attacks. Other dogs were exhibiting extreme separation anxiety whenever their humans were out of sight, even for brief periods of time. (Interestingly, it seems that cats don’t give a flip.)

In each of these cases, when I connected with the dogs telepathically, I got similar stories. They know that something dangerous and scary is “out there,” and they want to protect their human family members from whatever threat lurks outside the boundaries of their home and property. But they don’t know what the thing looks like, and so they are tasked with protecting themselves and their family from an invisible enemy they can only imagine as a malignant dark cloud. Since they can’t see it in the daytime, they figure that it must be waiting for darkness to descend and attack.

As the virus developed and spread across the US, many dogs (including mine) became hyper-vigilant, especially at nighttime. Dragonfly Pond Farm is close to a railroad line, and for years we’ve all slept undisturbed by the sound of trains going past. But now, our dogs wake and bark at the sound and vibration of the nightly train traffic, sensing something threatening in previously familiar happenings. Even though I’ve explained why there’s a pervasive feeling of fear and worry and anxiety coming from all around, they still want to identify and pinpoint an enemy they can fight and conquer.

What can you do if your dog is suffering from anxiety because of this unseen enemy? I have come up with five helpful tips:

  1. Most dogs are picking up on their humans’ anxiety, so taking the time to lessen your own anxiety will help. Do whatever works for you: Meditate, do yoga, make some art, or get your hands in the dirt outside. Take more naps, binge watch TV, read for pleasure. Do whatever you need to do to rise above, and don’t feel guilty for not being more productive. The time to work and achieve and bust-it will come back around soon enough. For now, take care of you.
  2. Some dogs who are more sensitive are picking up on the collective anxiety of the entire human race. So even if you’re not worried about the potential ramifications of this pandemic, your dog may still be exhibiting signs of increased stress. In this case, it’s still good to practice extreme self-care in case you’re harboring some deep-down angst you’re not aware of. (So just in case, check out item # 1 above.) Then, help your dog process his stress by keeping him busy and entertained. A wonderful dog trainer once told me an essential truth: A tired dog is a good dog. So toss the tennis ball. Take your dog for a walk or a run or a ride in the car. Buy new toys and treats. Teach him a new trick or two. Find new ways to keep him busy and entertained.
  3. Explain to your dog what’s going on with the Corona virus. Let him know that you’re doing everything you can to stay safe, and that there isn’t anything for him to do other than to manage his own stress and help you manage yours. Give him a job to do, even if his job is to sleep through the night so you can, too. If you’re not sure you know how to explain this concept to your dog, check out the links below.
  4. Get some energy healing for yourself and your dog. Energy healing can be very helpful in dealing with any sort of crisis, including this one. Maybe you don’t need a specifically targeted-for-you-and-yours session but you’d like a little boost. If this is the case for you, I’m inviting you to partake in a collective energy healing group free of charge. If you would like to be included in the Reiki Grid for the next four weeks, please email me with your name, your animal’s name(s), and a list of up to five challenges you’d like help with. I will do a weekly energy healing session for the collective group, and add you to the crystal healing grid for my clients who are receiving ongoing energy healing sessions from me. Clients who are already receiving energy healing at the moment will also be added to this group, so they’ll be getting an extra boost they hadn’t been expecting!
  5. Let your dog be a source of comfort and calm for you. He needs to help you, and you can help him by allowing him to do that. Sit with him while you binge-watching yet another British TV series (I highly recommend After Life, written and directed by Ricky Gervais on Netflix. Only two seasons; you can binge it it one day. It’s beautifully written, touching, and funny. I promise you’ll love it). Let the dog sit in your lap. Stroke his noble forehead, brush his glossy coat, commune with him in mind and spirit. It will make you both feel better!





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  • Hi Babette,

    Happened to poke through a few of your installments here. It’s no surprise that I find your writing to be fun and easy to read.

    I enjoyed After Life too. Like so many I’ve consumed too quickly, they’re gone too fast. Will watch the final episode of Longmire tonight, and start my search for something else.

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