Animal Rescue Friday – Meet Felix

Felix is from a litter of six puppies dumped in Demopolis. All six were fearful of humans on intake but quickly realized not all humans were bad. At 4 months old, Felix is still working on puppy manners. He loves other dogs and loves to play with puppy toys. We are currently working on leash manners and crate training. Like so many others, Felix will likely be overlooked because of black dog syndrome. It’s a phenomenon in pet adoption in which black dogs are ignored in favor of light-colored ones. We have high hopes for Felix though – we do not want him to have to grow up in a shelter.

What Felix Has to Say

“I love it at the shelter! I didn’t know what it was like to be loved and cared about until I ended up here. The other shelter dogs say that life is even better when you have a family. If I do get a family, I hope it has other dogs for me to play with. Kids would be great too, because I love everybody! I love to play, but I also love to lie around and do nothing. I love cuddles too, but the girls at the shelter are too busy to do much of that. They try, but there are a lot of dogs who need loving. That’s one reason I would like to have a family. I wouldn’t whine and beg for attention like some of the other dogs do. I’d be perfectly content to relax close by while my humans do their thing. That would make me very happy.”

Would you like to give Felix a Forever Home? Contact the Bigbee Humane Society to learn more about how you can make Felix a part of your family today!

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