Please Help Give Percy a Home!

Most animal communication sessions are fun and interesting. Others are heartbreaking. Percy has been waiting at the vet’s office for his person to come and take him home. But that won’t be happening. When I explained to Percy that his person had been moved to an assisted care facility and could not take him with her, he cried and cried. “How will I take care of her?” he asked. “Who will sit in her lap and purr a healing frequency to make her feel better?” He is devastated and heartbroken, as I’m sure his person is. By the end of my talk with Percy, he said that he would be willing to go to a new home, but he is still very sad. The folks at the vet say he is sweet as pie and all he wants is cuddles. Percy is thirteen years old, and he does have an overactive thyroid disorder but it is well managed on a special diet called y/d. Please consider adopting this handsome man and give him a second chance in life this Christmas—he deserves it. He is at Parkway Animal Hospital in Gulf Breeze, Florida. If you can offer Percy a forever home, please call the vet’s office at  850-932-5534.

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