Princess Grace on Predator and Prey

Predator and Prey animals have an interesting relationship–a sacred  contract, a bond of mutual respect. Partners, in a way, in the  inevitable, intimate moment of death. People often have a hard time with  this concept. I know I do. The animals at Dragonfly Pond Farm are discouraged from preying on other animals. They all know the rules, but Princess Grace has an inborn need to hunt that is often too strong to be denied. So when a baby squirrel made itself known to her, she couldn’t deny her instinct. While the squirrel’s spirit had made peace with the prey/predator contract, his physical form was twisting and whirling in her mouth, trying to break free. From a distance, it looked like she’d snagged a snake. I called Princess Grace to me. To her credit, she came. When I saw what she had, I yelled, “Princess Grace, that’s a baby! Put it down!” Her telepathic reply: “It’s my baby now.” Despite her opinion, she gave the baby to me, and I spent a season bottle-feeding him until he was old enough to live in the trees at Dragonfly Pond Farm.

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