Today is my Granddogter’s Birthday!

Juniper when she was itty-bitty

Juniper is four years old today, and I asked what she wanted for her birthday. Like most people (and dogs, it turns out), she wanted the whole day to be about her. Natalie was off work today, so Juniper got exactly what she wanted.

She wanted to spend most of the day in bed getting cuddles, but she also wanted a special food treat at home, and another when they went for their walks. Lucky for her, there are a lot of dog-friendly restaurants near them that also have some yummy menu items just for their doggie customers.

In the morning, Juniper and her sister Jules got puppicinos (little cups of whipped cream) at the coffee shop. Then after a leisurely walk, they went back home and piled up in bed to watch TV and cuddle with the family (two dogs, two cats, one human).  Later in the day, everyone got a special dinner, followed by another, even longer walk.

I just hope nobody tells my dogs about all this special treatment my granddogters get.

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