Today’s Advice from a Dragonfly

My dragonfly lived for another day, but he never moved from the place where I’d put him on my desk. He let me know that he had been stung by a wasp, and his body was slowly being paralyzed bit by bit. I asked if he needed me to put him out of his misery, and he said that he wasn’t miserable and would rather sit in my office and talk with me every now and then while he waited for his body to shut down.

He was very unemotional about it, and we had some nice conversations about life and death. He said that he felt good that he had fulfilled his mission in life to kill many biting flies, and that the horses and donkeys were his best friends. He would be leaving this body and entering a new one next season with a sense of gratitude and purpose. The purpose in his next lifetime: to teach humans about the more ethereal aspects of life and connection to Source energy.

Dragonflies are a symbol of transformation. They are thought to be able to easily transcend barriers between worlds. I asked him about that, and he said that anyone can go anywhere they want, if they are able to keep an open mind and keep moving past what might look to the naked eye like a barrier even though most barriers are self-imposed.

He said that he’d be back next season, and he would say hello in a memorable way so I would know it was him. I asked what he wanted me to do with his body, and he said I should keep it as a reminder to meditate with him after he transitioned. His body is sitting in a little dish of crystals and gemstones beside my computer, but he wants me to create an altar for him. Yes, I will. Just not today.

Interestingly, ever since he died, I’ve had more dragonflies coming around to visit. Our yard is full of them, but they usually go about their business and ignore us humans. But now they’re gliding past me, making multiple passes to get my attention with their little wings making a whirring sound. They say, “Hi, hi, hi…” before flying off again. One even sat on my shoulder and rode around for a while when I was in the yard.

He wants an altar, and he’ll get one. But I like having him close for now, so I will be reminded to commune with his spirit. Today’s advice from a dragonfly: Most barriers are self-imposed.

I am ready to blast through some of my self-imposed barriers. How about you?

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