A Few of My Favorite Things (Holiday Gift Ideas)

I haven’t done one scrap of holiday shopping yet, and it’s so unlike me! I’m usually finished by now. But we’ve been so busy, there hasn’t been time. If you’re in the same boat and could use a few good gift suggestions…

Don’t forget to check out my previous gift giving ideas as well as my favorite books, self-care recommendations for animal communicators, and products for your animals. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list!

P.S. These are also wonderful things to buy for yourself – don’t forget to give yourself a little something for the holidays 🙂

Bullet Journal

The how-to book from the Bullet Journal creator, Ryder Carroll


LEUCHTTURM1917 – 120G Special Edition – Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Sage)


Ultimate Productivity Stencils for A5 Dotted Journals, Time Saving Bullet Journals Supplies/Bullet Journal Stencils


I mentioned that I’ve been taking travel notes in my Bullet Journal. A friend told me about it (Thanks, Krys!) and I’m hooked! It’s a fast form of journaling that allows you to capture thoughts and make lists and keep track of things more easily. I’m going to give each of my kids a new Bullet Journal and the book that explains the process. (Don’t worry, they don’t read this newsletter, so I’m not giving away any surprises.)

You can get the official Bujo journal from Amazon or bulletjournal.com. There are also tons of great knockoffs available on Amazon.

Cozy Bluetooth Headphones for Sleeping

Lavince Sports Headband Long Time Play with Built in Speakers Perfect for Sleep, Workout, Running, Yoga, Insomnia

It’s hard sleeping in a different place every night. (Let alone on a fifteen-hour airplane journey.) But my cozy Bluetooth headphones have really saved me. I love them, and I’ve loved them forever. I’ve shared them as a great gift idea before. But I think it bears mentioning again, because they’re one of my favorite hacks for sleeping, or for concentrating no matter what else is going on.


Heated Mattress Pad

Electric Mattress Pad Cover with Dual Control and 8 Heating Settings

I’ve never had one, but most of the Bed & Breakfasts we’ve been staying at do, and I’m in love! After the 27-hour flights and layovers from Pensacola to Houston to Dallas to Auckland followed by a seven-hour drive to our first B & B, my back was KILLING me. But that sweet little place had a heated mattress pad on the bed. I turned it way up, laid flat on my back, and gently roasted until my back felt better. (They’re also good for keeping the bed cozy on cold nights.)


Feather Pillow

Lincove Cloud Natural Canadian White Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow

Y’all are probably going to think I’m crazy, but I’m here to tell you that I’m not, even though I brought my favorite feather pillow from home on this three-week trip to Oceania. (It was so important to me that I packed it even though we didn’t check bags and I had to bring clothes for both hot and cold weather). I’m so glad I brought my pillow, because every place we’ve stayed has different kinds of pillows—fat pillows, flat pillows, lumpy pillows, rock-hard foam pillows. Having my own fabulous pillow under my head keeps my neck and back happy. I can’t tell you where I got my feather pillow, or even what brand it is, because it’s about twenty years old. But I can tell you this: Get the most expensive one you can afford. It’ll be worth every penny, and it’ll last at least twenty years (I’ll keep you posted on that.)


Weighted Blanket

Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket King Size 25 Pounds- with Removable Bamboo Minky Fleece Duvet Cover

I cherish my weighted blanket, and I hated that I couldn’t bring it with me. I tell Hans that it’s my vampire-proof blanket, because there’s something about it that gives a sense of safety and security. It helps me fall asleep faster, and I sleep better and more deeply with its calming weight hugging me.


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