Animal Rescue Spotlight – Meet Reggie

Our sweetheart Reggie came to use from a rescue partner of ours. He absolutely loves other dogs, he’s dog park friendly type of friendly. Reggie will make friends with any dog he meets. He is ready to play. He walks well on a leash, kennel trained, house trained, and doesn’t ever really bark. Reggie is about 3 years old, 53lbs, neutered and has been heartworm treated.

Before Reggie came to us, he had a family. The reason he ended up with us is absolutely no fault of his own. Reggie was in a home with irresponsible owners. A twelve-year-old in the home was teasing Reggie with a brownie the child was eating. He kept dangling it in Reggie’s face. Well, Reggie snapped to get the brownie and got the child’s arm. The parents reached out to the rescue, and wanted Reggie euthanized. They did not see any fault of their child. Reggie was surrendered back to the rescue. To appease the owners, the rescue board members voted to euthanize Reggie. However, the shelter director and employees disagreed, had him evaluated again, and advocated hard for him. We agreed Reggie was not at fault, was not a danger to anyone and agreed to take him.

To say he’s been amazing since arriving at the shelter is an understatement. When Reggie does find his forever family, they are going to have one loving, dedicated dog.

What Reggie Has to Say

I would prefer to live with people who all want the same thing from me. I want to do the right thing and be a good dog! I love kids and dogs and grown-up people, and I want my family to tell me what they want from me. That’s why I love living at the shelter, because the people there all love me, and they all tell me the same thing about what it takes to be a good dog.

I am smart enough to be the kind of dog that different people want, but it gets confusing when one person asks me to act one way, and then get I get punished by the other people for following instructions. I would like to live in a family where everyone wants me to be the same kind of dog.

I love to run and play and have fun experiencing my dog body. I can run fast and jump high! I am enthusiastic about life, and I love to try new things. I would like to ride in the car and go places and keep my humans company no matter what they want to do. I could be a running buddy because I can run for a long way without getting tired.

I would love to live in a family that already has dogs. I love living at the shelter because the other dogs there are my friends. I would like to live with dogs who are older and wiser than me, but also some dogs who still like to play and wrestle nicely and chase each other around. I would be very happy in a multi-dog family. It doesn’t matter to me whether my dog friends are big or little. I love everyone!

I am also interested in getting to know cats. I would need to be introduced carefully because I’m energetic and would probably chase a cat who runs. But I know I could be friends with a cat who already knows about dogs and is comfortable with dog energy.

I really am a good dog, and I’m eager to learn to be the kind of dog my family wants me to be.

Would you like to give Reggie a Forever Home? Contact the Bigbee Humane Society to learn more about how you can make Reggie a part of your family today!

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