Animal Communication Monday – Li’l Bit

When I teach animal communication classes, I tell my students that in order to receive clear communication from an animal, you have to set your opinions and preconceptions aside. But it’s human nature to try to figure things out and presuppose what you’re likely to hear from an animal.

When I was asked to connect with Li’l Bit and ask why she had suddenly started acting strangely–digging in the carpet and staring at her human with a pleading expression–my mind started deciding what the problem might be. I already knew that Li’l Bit hadn’t yet been spayed, so my figure-it-out brain decided that her carpet digging was probably a “nesting” behavior, and that she was about to come into heat, or perhaps was experiencing a false pregnancy.

But my brain’s helpful supposition was dead wrong. Li’l Bit was picking up on what she called “leaving energy” in the household. No wonder, because Li’l Bit’s college-age human sister was about to move away to start college. Li’l Bit’s kitten friend would be going, too. The “leaving energy” she sensed left her confused and anxious. Would her human mom be going too? Would all the humans leave? What about all the animals? Would Li’l Bit be left all alone in the house?

A quick conversation reassured Li’l Bit, and we also talked about her taking a road trip with Mom sometime soon to visit Sister and her kitten friend. I’ll do some energy healing too, to help the leaving energy to settle down. Li’l Bit’s human mom will have a good long talk with her tonight too. Sometimes it takes a while for animals to trust that they really do have a forever home with the family they’ve chosen to love.

Little Bit’s on her way to learning that she’s home to stay.

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