Wardell Helps Out

This week, I had the chance to chat with a precious dog named Wardell. He found his forever home at almost three years of age. It took a while, but he has finally settled in to the realization that this is his home, this his family, and he gets to stay. His antics keep both his mamas laughing and bring joy to their lives.

Recently, Wardell started chewing on things he shouldn’t; shoes or whatever random item near the floor took his fancy. His moms were mystified. Too old to be teething, why had Wardell seemed to regress to puppyhood?

I knew that plans of moving to another home were in the air at Wardell’s house, and with his moms busy packing up some things and donating others, my first thought was that Wardell might be anxious about the move or worried they’d leave him behind.

That couldn’t have been further from the truth. When I connected in with Wardell, he shared a feeling of excitement and purpose. His moms were working hard to prepare for the upcoming move, and Wardell wanted to help! Lacking opposable thumbs, the best way Wardell could figure to join in the fun and manipulate his environment was to chew on things.

I explained to Wardell that while his attempt to help was most appreciated, his help wasn’t exactly helping. I reminded him that he helps his moms every day by being himself and making them laugh at his silly antics. That, I said, was the most helpful thing he could do.

Wardell showed me an image of himself running like a crazy dog with his plumy tail waving in the air. Good job, Wardell! Great way to help out.

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