Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Three weeks ago, Natalie and Hans were driving down our road early one morning when Natalie spotted several puppies running across the blacktop. Another litter—this one of nine-week-old puppies—had just been dumped on our road. It seems to happen at … Read More

The Lost Princess

If you’ve read Hear Them Speak, my how-to book about animal communication, you probably remember that the difficulty in working with your own animals is that you may be too close emotionally to be completely open to any information that … Read More

Conversation with an Octopus

I’d heard Jack Rudloe talk about the strange ability of octopus to connect psychically with humans. In describing his octopus encounters, Jack had used words like sinister and disturbing, a feeling that when the octopus wraps its tentacles around your … Read More

Cougar Connection

As an animal communicator, I get invited to do many fun and exciting things. This is a cougar who has been trained to take a chicken leg offering through a chain-link fence. It’s safe because even if he’d also like … Read More

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Babette de Jongh